3 Beliefs that are Keeping you Playing Small

My question for you today is are your beliefs holding you back? The blog is all about discovering what 3 beliefs that are keeping you playing small. Honestly every single one of us has been in this position or going through it as you read this page. Old belief’s hold us back from our potential because it’s the way it’s always been until we decide to call ourselves out on it or we choose a different path.

Right now in my life I’m facing a big personal growth stage and guess what along with that comes a massive amount of fear and old beliefs. It doesn’t matter how much work you do on yourself, even if you work with others in the personal development space, I will still go through them. Each new level we reach in our lives our old fears and beliefs start returning because we are pushing the ceiling of our comfort zone, which is to be celebrated.

So what exactly are beliefs?

Our beliefs are located in our conscious/unconscious mind and are what we believe is the truth. When we are young child we are influenced by people around us which is often our parents, close family members and our teachers. Like for example I always remember my parents saying to me, Money doesn’t grow on trees. That’s a false belief because if it wants to grow on tress it can but growing up I heard this all the time. Guess what I needed to work on when I started a business and continue to work on to this day? My money mindset of course, because my beliefs were not mine and I was treating them as my own.

Our beliefs can also be learnt as adults from people that are close to us like our partner, friends or work colleagues. Often our beliefs we don’t even realise they are there until we start to move forward or uncover something that doesn’t sit right because it probably wasn’t yours to even begin with.

To start we actually have to be aware of what these beliefs are, then you can move up the next level in your life. As these beliefs are often lurking in the unconscious mind we have to pull them out by doing some awareness or it might even take a person close to you asking you why do you say that? Be as aware as you can in every moment, as you never know what you might uncover.

My favourite tool for awareness is journaling. Have a think about it when you write you empty your mind of everything. When you empty your thoughts onto the page in becomes clearer and guess what if you have a belief around something it might become a common theme on a couple of the pages. Have a read over what you write once you have done the brain dump in your journal.

Now we are aware we are going to get into the top number 3 beliefs that hold us back. These are the ones I personally see come up which coaching clients, which means we are going to look at them today.

I’m not good enough

When we start something new in our lives, we are looking at stepping outside of our comfort zone or we are facing a challenge we can’t move forward with. This is often a belief lurking in the background saying are you good enough to receive this. Do you really believe you can achieve this goal? Do you doubt yourself on a daily basis? What is your monkey mind feeding to you?

Well my friends in order to succeed in life we have to believe in ourselves and tap into that inner power. We all have the power and the ability to stretch ourselves but it’s taking the first step by trusting yourself. On Friday night just gone I stood in front of 45 women and opened a networking event, I had to choose to believe in myself. Was I scared yes but did I believe I could do it yes I did, by the way it was so much fun.

Even if you don’t believe it fully yet, say your goal to yourself on a daily basis, imagine it in your mind and be brave take to that first step. Also affirmations can help I am good enough to receive everything my heart desires (for example).

Why don’t I have any money?

Money and self-belief are very closely related because when you believe in yourself and take massive action, guess what money will come. If we don’t believe in ourselves, scared to speak up by asking for what we want, we won’t receive it.

An example of this is when I got my day job, the first offer they gave to me was only very slightly higher that what I was earning in my other job. For me it needed to be a bit more to make it worthwhile to change jobs so my husband challenged me to ask for more. Even though I wasn’t that comfortable with it, I did it anyway and I got the money I asked for. I trusted I was worth it and also I was prepared to walk away if I needed to. That is believing in yourself so don’t be afraid to ask. If you don’t ask you won’t receive. Also do the awareness exercise with your money beliefs as above.

What if I fail?

The last belief I’m going to talk about is What if I fail? This belief can sometimes even stop you before you take the first step forward because you talk yourself out of it before you even start. This belief is a complete a buzz kill because it limits us big time. If you get to the stage of actually moving forward this belief can limit us instead making us play small with our ambitions.

We are all going to fail and failure doesn’t need to be look upon as a bad thing. In order to learn we go through things that don’t work or they aren’t in alignment with us anymore. If we didn’t “fail” we wouldn’t of learnt to things we know now. All of the top leaders and entrepreneurs have failed many times over but that’s what makes them so successful.

Thank you for joining me today to work through the 3 beliefs that are keeping you playing small. I would love to know what belief have you uncovered? Let me know in the comments below.