3 Key Content Types to Focus on for Business Owners

It’s no secret that content creation in your business is the key to your success, as it will get you noticed by your audience. Today we are going to talk about the 3 key content types to focus on for business owners.

Online we hear a lot about content marketing, content creation and having a content plan mapped out. Yes there is a lot of talk about content but what are these experts actually talking about? In this blog I’m going to be breaking it down into easy steps and talk about different types of content if you do well it will get your business noticed.

Ok let’s start at the beginning with my content journey, as a copywriter words make up a big part of my business whether its writing copy for my clients business owners or teaching others how to write theirs from coaching side. In my own business when I’m talking about content, such as on my webpage, blogs, social media posts or videos. As you can see content is made up of lots of different sections, which we are going to dive into right now. I have picked the top 3 content areas that I focus on in my own business, which can help you improve yours today.

Website Copy (SEO is mentioned too)

Let’s start at the beginning, this is where most people go to first when talking about content, this of course website copy. When we start our business and we launch our website creating copy for your website is essential. Whether you write the copy yourself or hire a copywriter to do this for you, your content is out there for the world to see.

This is your about me page, product/services page, work with me and blog (which we will talk about in more detail in the next section). Having a strong, clear and engaging website copy in your clients language gets their attention. They have the opportunity to get to know you and what benefits you can offer to help them by working with you or buying your service/product/course.

I now want to make a special mention about keywords and SEO which is key to helping your website get found. When you are starting out or rebranding your website always go back to researching your keywords each time. If you have a Google account like most of us do, use the Google keyword planner to search for your words. This will give an idea of what has been searched for in similar niches to yours and how popular certain words are.

Please note these words can be phrases as well (better known as long tailed keywords) I am sharing an article that explains exactly what these are in more detail.  Long-tail keywords The words that are “low competition” and under 1500 searches per month are a good area to focus on if you are in the beginning stage of your business. If you have been around longer aim for searches that are higher than this. I could talk forever about this section but it’s time to move forward.

Blogging (for your own site and for others)

Let’s talk about blogging, which is one of my favourite subjects, as I absolutely love blogging. Having a blog on your website is essential to getting traffic, building rapport with your audience and getting your SEO/keywords ranking. Basically it will help Google find you from a content perspective.

On another note which should be the main reason you are blogging, which is to add value to help your audience learn and grow their knowledge. It helps you build rapport and gives them an opportunity to get to know you. Now everyone is different so if a short 400 word blog is more your style keep it simple or if you love writing “my hand is up” you can easily write a cool 1000 words instead. There is no one sized fits all when it comes to blogging and this also includes how frequent you blog just put it into your schedule.

I did want to mention which helped me a lot was when I was learning, I wrote for other websites in the personal development areas. It’s a win/win situation you get to help their audience and gain exposure for your business at the same time. Also the really fantastic editors, which I have been lucky to work with, some of them take time to give you feedback which is invaluable for your growth as a blogger. If you are not sure where to start check out Source bottle Source Bottle  where editors and business owners are often looking for contributors. Or ask in online groups in your niche.


It’s no secret that videos are extremely popular in the online world because a lot of us are visual people. I have to admit I am new to the video world but I have learnt a lot from my business coach and other business owners. Videos are the key to engage with your audience as it builds rapport, gets your message out there quickly and gets you visible.

On the content side of things you would use your main keyword in the name of your video. Does it include at least one of the keywords you are targeting? Platforms for videos are endless but the main platforms are of course You tube, using vblogs from your own website or videos on social media. On the content side of things like anything else plan your content, headline, prewrite the main points you will discuss then get out there and have fun.

Also just like a piece of copy at the beginning ask a question to their biggest problem, then go into introducing yourself. You are probably wondering why? You only have 5 seconds to get their attention so make the open statement count as they are more likely to stay and watch the rest of the video.

I have only focused on 3 sections today because otherwise the blog would be way too long. The other areas I will mention are social media content which is extremely important and content for your sales pages/funnels. I will come back on a future blog to talk about these in more detail.

Thank you for joining me today to talk about 3 key content types to focus on for business owners. Please let me know What content section is your favourite to create in your business? Let me know in the comments below.


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