3 Simple Steps to Shift Your Mindset for New Entrepreneurs

Today I’m getting real and sharing my journey about shifting my mindset as a fairly new entrepreneur. I love the mindset work as it gives me an opportunity to start looking at the surface with what is currently holding me back in my life, then diving deeper to see why these things are holding me back before coming out the other side with a new positive mindset.

So this post is about my journey as new entrepreneur which hasn’t been easy at times because you are learning everything for the first time. You don’t have your full time boss or someone else telling you what you need to do. It’s definitely empowering that’s for sure as the end decision is always with you and I absolutely love been my own boss but the transition phase isn’t what I expected at all. It’s exciting, challenging and it takes all strength, you have to face your fears while finding your feet at the same time. I wouldn’t trade my business journey so far for anything as I have learnt so much about myself and I found an inner strength I didn’t know I had. So for all you future would be entrepreneurs or newbies in business this post of for you.

Why do I still need approval from others?

On my journey I have learnt when you think you are finally past seeking approval from other’s it will come back time and time again as you reach each new level. Been a fairly new entrepreneur you are used to working in the corporate world well that’s where my background is while building my business part time. When you are at work and you can’t fix something in the corporate world you go to your boss to get them to help you with a solution. As a new business owner you wear many hats your the CEO, the owner, the coach, the social media expert, the website updater, the marketer and the writer. You have to learn to be all these people and yes at first it can be overwhelming. Only just recently I came to realisation that yes I am all of these people but guess what it’s my business and I can do it my way. If it doesn’t feel right to me then I don’t have to do it because the end decision is with me. I have also found extremely valuable to be surrounded by other people building a business in online groups , my marketing coach and my accountability coach partners. They fully understand what you are going through and you can bounce ideas off them. Sharing and helping each other helps you grow faster as I would never recommend doing this alone.

My business is different to everyone else’s so stop with comparing myself to others

Ladies there really isn’t one size fits all in business as what I want in my business is going to be different to what you want to achieve. See my dream is to have a freedom style business where I have time to spend with my family and have a good work life balance. This is what is important to me and I’m not driven to make million’s of dollars as I’m more driven to make the world a better place. So I want you to really look at your vision and your values to see, what do you want your life to look like in 5 to 10 years? Look at what is important to you and what you want to achieve? Spend some time with your journal and write what is important to you. Stop looking at your friends business and entrepreneur’s online that seem to have it all and comparing yourself to what they have. That’s their vision and their unique path, which is only theirs alone. You are a unique human being that only what you have to offer the world, so when you are in alignment with your true value you really will change the your world and other’s around you.

Fear doesn’t need to be scary and use it to your advantage instead.

Yes we all talk about fear as a big ugly scary word but guess what it doesn’t have to be this way at all. Fear can actually be looked at in a good light because fear means you are moving to the next level in your life and business. So I’m going to use the example of been seen by others online or in person. So in society we often just want to fit in and be accepted as everyone wants to be liked by other’s. So when you are in the service industry like a coach, a personal trainer, a speaker, an author and many more industries. You are your product, your giving your clients to opportunity to transform their lives and empowering them to be the very best version of themselves. So you are sharing your vulnerability showing up without your invisible mask and sharing your real truth. Yes fear might be telling you what will people think of me; what if they don’t like my message and these people might not like me. That’s right not everyone will resonate with your message but there will be many other’s will love what you have to say. If you let fear win you won’t be able to reach and inspire all those other people that need your gifts to change their world. So tell me what is your biggest fear right now and how can you use this to your advance? Spend some time journaling, mediating or getting out in nature. Also if you are brave share your fear with me below and what you are going to do to use this in a positive light.

Ladies I wanted to share this post to show you can be that confident women, you can achieve anything you desire and you can make your business work, Every new step you take gets you closer to helping more people, inspiring other’s be themselves and building your dream life.

~ True freedom starts in your own mind and freedom is within you ~

PS: If this post resonates with you and you would like to chat further I am offering free 30-minute discovery calls over Skype. This is for women that are looking at starting a business in the near future and brand new business owner’s. I can help you be confident to share your message with the world and speak your truth. Please email me at rebecca@lifeperceptions.com.au to arrange a time.