3 Steps to a Successful Launch in Your Business

This week is all about 3 steps to a successful launch in your business. As it’s a brand new financial year it’s the time we took a look at how everything went last financial year and get clear for the upcoming year ahead. Maybe you didn’t make the money you wanted, or hadn’t progressed as far as thought you would or maybe you exceeded your money goals and grew your business to amazing new heights. Whichever scenario it was take time to celebrate what you have achieved and be grateful for what you have learnt and the opportunities.

At this time of year it’s a really good time to get clear with your new goals, plan your next 3 months in business as a minimum along with new products and services you are going to launch.

Right now I am launching two brand new coaching packages, which is very exciting. This is why I have been working a lot behind the scenes hence why I decided to write this blog to help you with your launch too. Let’s dive into make how to make your launch a successful one that way you can reach more people, change people’s lives, make more money and grow your business. Let’s get started.


The very first thing to do before we even start going into the pre-launch information we have to start at the beginning which is your mindset. You might be wondering why we starting with mindset because we are talking about launching? Well this is actually the first step always because you have to believe in yourself, your business, your product/service/event you are launching and trust it will be a success.

I’m going to share what I do to help improve my own mindset to give you an idea of what you can do to improve yours. For me at the very start I tap into my own thoughts around my business, money mindset and my beliefs. The ways I do this are:

  • Having awareness around my thoughts, what am I currently thinking, what’s holding me back and document them (carrying a journal around for day can help)
  • EFT tapping around negative thoughts to release to refocus on positive
  • Looking at my current belief’s
  • Having affirmations to say on a daily basis

Working on my mindset is a daily practice for me and I spend around 10 minutes every single day just working on this. Explore ways that resonate with you and start preparing your mind for your launch and beyond.


The next stage is planning by starting with exactly what you are launching. Some questions to help you get clear are:

  • What it’s going to look like?
  • How long it’s going to running for?
  • What copy/content you are going to include?
  • How is this going to help your customers?
  • Make a date you will go to launch

Now you are clear with exactly what it looks like it’s now going backwards with your planning. Don’t worry I’m going to explain exactly what I mean.

For example you have 4 weeks before you are due launch your new product let’s for this example a brand new service you are offering to your clients. It’s looking at what you need to do each week in order to be ready for launch day. Get your calendar out or excel document and start planning week-by-week, then day-by-day. This takes away the overwhelm as you actually get clear with exactly what you need to do step by step which is much easier.

Creating Your Content

Now it’s my favourite bit, which of course is the content section, as a copywriter/coach I love this part. So what copy do you need to create for your new launch? When I say content I mean everything like website copy, videos, content for the product and sales pages etc. the list could keep going. Content is a really big section especially in the launch process and it’s often where most people get tripped up because there is a lot to do.

In order to make a launch a successful one it comes down to powerful engaging content that your audience will love and of course that means that they want to buy your services. The key is to include this in your planning stage and schedule your content into your calendar.

Thank you for joining me today to talk about 3 steps to a successful business launch. Join me next fortnight where I will be talking in more detail about the content side of launches.

If you need any more help with getting clear with your launch copy I have my brand new checklist available to download right now.


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