3 Steps to Rebuilding your Confidence after a Conflict

Today we are going to talk about 3 Steps to rebuilding your confidence after a conflict. Life is one big journey so we are all going to go through high points where everything is working, low points when things aren’t going right and the middle points where life is just going along. Each experience you have in your life either good or bad you learn something from it and you will grow as a person. So while conflict isn’t a nice thing to be faced with and when it’s happening to you it’s not easy to see any positives in this. You are thinking why is this conflict happening to me but every conflict happens for a reason. I’m not just writing about one particular conflict here it could be a relationship with someone, a job, a business partnership, or someone’s business like a shop. There are many types of conflict we face in our daily lives, which are too many to list here. So I want to inspire you to move forward today starting with the 3 below points.

Finding the inner strength you didn’t know you had

It’s funny during these times you find out who you truly are and actually how strong you are. I want you to think back to a situation that you used your inner strength to solve a problem or move on in the right direction towards something you didn’t think was possible. What did you achieve and what can you take away from this? This strength you have inside all the time but some situations will require you to stand up and face your fears head on. It’s pretty empowering to realise what you are capable of.

Using fear to your advantage

Most people are scared of fear because it’s a negative word and it can limit your potential if you let it. I’m here to tell you actually it doesn’t have to be this way at all. If you feel fear it should be celebrated because you are outside of comfort zone and you are in space on the unknown. It’s actually science because your amygdala, which is almond shaped clusters in your brain, is responsible for feeling fear. When you feel fear it gets activated and your body goes into fight or flight response. This is protecting you from the unknown and not knowing what is around the corner, but really who wants to let fear win not me. So instead step out of the fear, open your eyes to what is around you and use that inner strength you have to make that change, stand up for what you believe in and change the situation you are in.

Regaining Confidence

So you feel your confidence has been knocked and you’re not sure how to get it back again. The first step is to accept yourself exactly where you are in this moment, you don’t have to be a certain way just be you. Start thinking of ways you can rebuild your confidence some suggestions is to write your feelings down to explore what you are feeling, going to exercise which makes you feel good, or talking to someone close to you about your situation. Negative self-talk will be very noisy in these moments so it’s finding ways to quieten the mind while you are rebuilding your confidence. Choose positive thoughts instead so this could as simple as affirmations or mediation to clear the mind. Just remember to keep moving forward when you come across a setback just keep going forward.

I hope you enjoyed 3 Steps to rebuilding your confidence after a conflict and I would love to hear from you. What have you done to regain your confidence?


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