3 Ways to Combat Your Stress and Overwhelm

Today I’m going to talk about 3 ways to combat your stress and overwhelm. We all have responsibilities, duties and things we are required to get done in the space of a day but there is no reason to get stressed out.

We go to work, look after our family, maintain our house and do various other requirements in a space of a day. Then at the end of the day we can’t switch off our mind, our bodies feel the tension sitting in between our shoulder blades and we often get caught up in the overwhelm of that thing called life.

Did you know when you are feeling stressed or in stress mode your body actually thinks you are in danger? Your cortisol levels rise, your heart beats faster, your breath is rapid and a burst of energy arrives. This is called the fight of flight response. Just think in the cave man days this cortisol would of given you the boost to run away from the animal chasing you which would have been life and death situation, which in this day and age is rarely the case.

Having these high cortisol levels over a long period of time has a very damaging effect on your mind, body and soul. Long-term stress turns into illness, anxiety and depression to name a few. Our bodies are not made to stay in high stress situations but with the way technology is 24/7 it’s more of a challenge to switch off.

What makes me an expert of the subject of stress? Well I used to be that highly stressed person, perfectionist and high achiever that always aimed very high. Guess what I couldn’t maintain that life because my body started to get sick and I was tired all the time. Reaching the low point knowing there was more to life than this stressed out, perfectionist and no time for myself scenario is when things started to change. The full story of how I rebuilt my life is for another day. Lets dive into 3 things you can start implementing in your life starting today to reduce your stress.

Taking time for self

In order to reset our thoughts, connect back to self, reduce our stress and see how we are truly feeling its welcoming time daily for you. Taking time for self doesn’t have to be a long stretched out time all at once. It’s fitting it into the time we have available and getting creative with what you already have.

I work around a 50-hour week every single week as I have a business, a day job and I still have plenty of time for me. If you are a calendar type of person schedule your time into the calendar or if you like a daily self-care routine which is our next point do them daily which becomes an amazing habit.

If you only have 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening that’s fantastic it’s enough time to have a self-care practice. Which takes us to the next point self-care practices and morning/evening routines.

Self Care practice and morning/evening routines

Having a daily and weekly self-care practice has changed my life for the better. This has made the most impact for me which means that you can see amazing results if this speaks to you. What is a self care practice exactly?

It’s essentially taking time for yourself, grounding yourself, connecting away from the stress and doing things you love. I have developed my practice over time with trial and error. Things that worked for me stuck and things that didn’t serve me got moved away. Let me share my current practice to give you an idea of what one could look like.

My morning routine is simple and effective, which sets my day up for success. Every single morning I do a mini meditation of a couple of minutes clearing my energy to set up for the day ahead. Then I spend another couple of minutes visualising what I do want in my life usually it’s around growing my business. The visualation still a fairly new routine which I absolutely love as it’s very powerful. Then I write a page in my journal about what I’m thinking about, something that’s on my mind and I include some gratitude at the end. This is my morning routine it’s simple and takes me around 15 minutes each morning.

In the evening I do a longer deeper meditation if I feel called to, which depends on the day and get on the yoga mat 3 times per week for my exercise. This is it and I love it.

Ok enough about me let’s talk about your daily self-care routine and what can you do on a daily basis to reduce your stress and overwhelm?

I have a couple of questions for you to get you started.

  • What do you love to do?
  • How much time can you dedicate each day?
  • What would you like to include in your self-care practice?

Brainstorm a little bit and have a go at a few different things to see what works for you. If you are not a meditating type some ideas could be have your daily cuppa outside in your garden in nature or go for a run at the park. In the space of a couple of weeks you will notice your stress will start to reduce.


Create a balanced life

If you find your stressed and overwhelmed it usually means your life isn’t feeling balanced. While your self-care routine will help in order to make change it’s looking at your personal and work life.

What can we do to create a work and personal life balance? I schedule my work, business and personal time in, that way balance is created. Yes you have to learn to have personal boundaries and say no to people if it doesn’t serve you but it gets easier the more times you practice. If you can take one full day off working every single week to do something fun, this reduces your stress levels. You then have time to relax and be happy with the people you love. When you do get back to work your more relaxed, new ideas are present and your more focused.

It’s fantastic you joined me today to explore 3 ways to combat your stress and overwhelm. What’s one thing you are going to create in your self-care routine today? Share in the comments below.

If you need help with your stress and overwhelm please email me as I help my coaching clients achieve a balanced personal life.