3 Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd with Your Website Copy

Today we are going to look at 3 ways to stand out from the crowd with your website copy so you get noticed and get more clients. The world of entrepreneurship is an exciting one which is a big journey of personal growth but it’s a very competitive the world in business. Lots of people are out there promoting and selling their products in this noisy arena. We want to be getting you, your product and message out to the world to let them know exactly what you do.

I’m here to let you in on a secret just to let you know by creating a powerful website and engaging copy you will stand out from everyone else. People will want to buy your packages, services or products (depending on which sort of business you are in) because they will get to know your business through your copywriting. Would you like to know more? Let’s get started and discover together what the copy journey is all about.

What makes you stand out in the online world more than any of these other people in your competition? Guess what it’s your unique way you stand out, the way your express yourself in your copy and your unique brand. It’s not about what everyone else has on their own website, it’s all about you and what you offer your customers. Today we are going to discover ways you can bring more of your uniqueness to the table in your website copy and brand.

Let’s stop comparing yourself to everyone else

The first one I feel is the most important to start with is comparing yourself to others in business. While this is a challenging subject the more you copycat other people in your field to less successful you will be. Just by showing up by being authentic with what you offer the world, this is a direct reflection of who you are. Your business is an extension of who you are (some people might not agree with this) but I 100% believe this. While your direct competition might be doing things a certain way it doesn’t mean you have to.

Yes you must know your market, SEO and what your clients needs and wants are which is essential for anyone in business, but your client’s want to see who you are and what you can offer them. You have everything inside you to create such amazing packages, products and services, it’s believing by trusting your inner voice. Be creative by creating these products and services for your clients and your future clients. They need this which is why they land on your website and choose to work with you.

Creating unique copy

Your brand and copy should be an extension of who you are like we said above, so lets dive into this subject a bit further.

Let’s start with your copy, to show how you can make your audience fall in love with you and your message. A reader clicks on your website and you only have a short amount of time to gain their interest. What this reader is reading needs to be powerful for them to learn more about you, your business or your product. When I say copy I mean your content on your website about me, products/services and blogs. The window of opportunity is only short to retain this possible client, the key is to give as much value as you can to them in this short amount of time. Be yourself by sharing your experiences, challenges and celebrations with your audience as they want to get to know the real you.

This flows on to your brand which includes your design such as your website, business cards, templates like logos/colours and even down to your business name. Keeping this consistent every single day with your unique voice and regularly update your website copy to stand out from everyone else.

Fresh content for your website

The last and final point is the exciting one as it’s creating new and fresh content. As business owners its easy to get stuck in the present moment and not know where to go next. The key is to keep creating something new like new blog posts based on your own experiences, fresh packages, new courses, new products and the list could keep going . Your unique voice will shine through, you just have to believe in yourself and everything else will follow when creating your new content. If you not sure what your audience needs, reach out to your target audience to find out what their current struggles are and create something from there.

Thank you for joining me today to learn 3 ways to stand out from the crowd with your website copy. Your message is powerful and people out there need what you have to offer. Get out there and speak your voice in everything you do and share some amazing copy with your audience. I would love to hear from you below, what is one thing you can do in your business to stand out from the crowd?


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