3 Ways to Stop Negative Thinking When Facing a Challenge

Today I’m going to talk about 3 ways to stop negative thinking when facing a challenge. Life is a journey with ups and downs just sometimes in life things just don’t go the way you want them to which can be frustrating. This could be you have been looking for a new relationship, new job, to buy a new house or grow your business anything at all you are currently facing challenges with.

When you really want something to come into your life you often have tunnel vision, which means you are only looking in that one focused direction. When we are in this mindset we are not aware of the other things that surround us which could be giving us signs to where we need to go. I’m sharing my top 3 tips to start helping things go your way starting today.

Let go of the need to control a situation

Human beings often hold on to control very tightly that we cant see anything else surrounding us. When we have the need for control we are pushing for something to happen the way we want it to happen. This often stops us from been open to new possibilities and a new ways of doing something. When we embrace change and release to need to control our current situation transforms right in front of us and things change for the better. How do we release this control so we can look at our current situation different? Write down your thoughts in your journal, talk to someone about how you are feeling and embracing change is the key way to moving forward. When you release control your situation will change right in front of you for the better.

Have awareness

Awareness is the key to looking at the current situation for what it is with no judgement. When you get caught up on the “doing” you often lose sight of where you are actually going. Let me explain this a bit further, when we choose self awareness we are letting go of our thoughts that are holding us back, learning from how we are feeling right now and moving forwards in our life. When we choose not to be aware we choose to complain about our situation, seek pity from others and get stuck in the current situation. I know which one I would rather be feeling which is self-awareness. Be aware of how you feel about this situation and decide how you want to feel instead. Every time you start getting stuck bring yourself back to the self-awareness.

Work on a positive mindset

Work on your positive mindset instead of indulgencing in the negative thinking. We all go through days and weeks that our mind is more negative than positive which is completely normal. When things haven’t been going our way this means we often think why is this happening to me? What’s the reason? If we get caught up in the negative mindset our thoughts can spiral out of control and before you know it, you are focusing only on the negative. So how can we shift our thoughts so we see the positives of our current situation? The key is to quieten your mind so you can refocus your thoughts. I personally love meditation for this but it could be talking a walk, riding your bike, going to yoga whichever activity works to quieten your mind. When you have a clear mind have awareness of your thoughts and when you get stuck in the negative give gratitude for something instead. For example “This is happening to me right now but I am grateful to have this thing in my life”. It helps shift your mindset very quickly without you having to stay with the negative thoughts. You will be on the way to been more positive about your current situation.

Well as we said above letting go of the need to control which includes our thoughts. Having awareness of where you are currently at on your journey and opening your eyes along with working on positive mindset will totally change your prospective. By combining all 3 of these points you will be more on track to go out and find that new relationship, job, house and grow your business starting now.

~Image by Death to Stock Photos~