Hello, I’m Rebecca. I’m a Certified Personal Life Coach for Business and Corporate Women.

“Your inner world creates your outer world”

Would you like to find out how? Well you are in the right place 🙂


I love inspiring women to be the best version of them selves because we are only here on earth for a short amount of time. Why not be living the life of your dreams. Yes it’s possible for everyone reading this page and I’m here to show you how.

  • Does your life feel stressful, your stuck in the cycle of fear and sick of looking after everyone else before you?
  • You know your personal life isn’t working but you don’t know where to start?
  • In your heart you know your ready to change and expand into the women your are meant to be?

You’re not alone in feeling this way and yes you can have everything your desire and more.

My journey

  • I know what’s it’s like to be stuck in the cycle of fear and self doubt limiting my potential
  • Living a personal life looking after everyone else and putting myself last
  • Having big dreams but too scared to put myself out there because of the fear of been judged
  • Feeling the struggle when my negative mind just wouldn’t shut up
  • Having the deep knowing I’m destined for more but not even knowing where to start

This is the life I used to live until I started my personal development journey and transformed my life.

Some of the things I have achieved:

  • Became a Certified Life Coach with Global Coaching Academy
  • I have read countless number of personal development books
  • Worked with coaches to upgrade my life and business
  • Mindset training including life and money
  • Wrote personal development articles and blogs about my journey
  • Made peace with who I am

Everything I have done and learnt, now allows me to help you on YOUR journey.


Personal Bio

I’m a certified life coach and writer from Perth Australia. I inspire women business owners and corporate women through one on one life coaching to build their confidence, find their true purpose, put themselves first and take back their own personal power. 

My big vision is for women to put themselves first so this allows them to make a difference to the world. As a result of this vision my clients stand out, take back their power and accept themselves fully.

~ Everyone has a unique voice, let me help you find yours ~

I am here to offer a safe space for women to break down their barriers, build a business or career that they love while looking after themselves first on a personal level. 

My one on one life coaching package, group program and writing is all about personal growth while coming back to your inner self. I encourage women to be the very best version they can be while shining light in their life. Life is for living so lets go on this journey together that way you can be living the life you have DREAMT about.

Rebecca Ruiz

Professional Bio

Rebecca Ruiz certified life coach and writer. She helps her clients learn how to connect to their true self that way they have the life they have always dreamt about. She coaches them to build confidence within, believe in them selves and find acceptance with who they are.

She has undertaken professional life coach training in Perth Western Australia.

She loves to teach you how to put yourself first, speak up for yourself and have the courage to be you.