Are You Really Happy?

Let’s get straight to the point here are you really happy? Do you wake up each day excited to see what you will learn, people you will meet and the personal growth you will experience. Or do you want to pull the bed covers back over your head; you feel grumpy with the world and always blaming others for your unhappiness? Which one of these are you? Honestly most of us will go between the both sides because depending on where we are currently in our life or which stage of our comfort zone we are in. We can feel one of these ways or sometimes a mixture of both at the same time which is normal.

Happiness is something we feel deeply within of ourselves as it’s following our own path and really doing things that fulfils us daily. Happiness is all about us because if you aren’t looking within and doing what’s in alignment with your own purpose you won’t be happy. By the way this isn’t selfish because you have to look after number one first “you” before you can give to others. This is essential to create happiness and to be happy in your everyday life. Let’s go on the journey of creating happiness in your own life with a few simple steps. As we are only on the planet for a limited amount of time we want to make every single second count.

I’m going to tell you a story about me from the past and how I can reflect on the journey today in 2016. In 2010 I solo travelled for 6 months around Europe as I decided it was time to find the real me, I was single at this time and up until this point I had spent most of my time in a relationship with someone as I was scared of being alone. This journey for me wasn’t just about seeing the sights, meeting new people and travelling; it was learning to enjoy my own company. As I was travelling alone I had to trust myself, I had to believe in myself and I created my own happiness while on the road. This experience taught me so much about myself, how strong I am and of course where true happiness really comes from which is within. This journey was a turning point in my life because I can now sit here in 2016 as a certified life coach with my own business and an happily married women because I took this massive step to learn about what I really wanted.

External things won’t make you happy

 We are going to get into external validation (ie looking at other’s instead of yourself) or filling a void with something else. I want you to think when you have had a shit day at work or you have had a fight with someone close to you. You come home from work and you go to the fridge to grab a piece of cake or a glass of wine thinking this will make you feel better. Yes it will for a very short while but it won’t last long because you haven’t fixed what’s really going on. It’s just a temporary measure to stop your thoughts for a short while and once you have finished it will come back again until you resolve it.

Or you rely on the people in your life to make you happy by following what they want to do. Living your life through them instead of facing your own feelings because it might seem at the time just easier. By following someone else’s path you won’t be happy because it’s not in alignment with your own soul purpose.

Happiness is an insider job it can only be found within you and all the temporary measures outside yourself will only be a band-aid. Let’s start connecting with ourselves to find your happiness.

 How can you connect with yourself?

I have already said quite a few times above its finding happiness within which means that it’s time to explore the connection with you. In order to be truly happy it’s getting in touch with you and accepting you. The first step is bringing awareness to your thoughts and finding what they are telling you on a daily basis. We all think negative thoughts it is part of being a human but it’s what we do with these thoughts, which is the key to our happiness. Your thoughts show you where you currently are on your journey and these thoughts are to keeping you “safe”. Safe is in brackets because they are only stopping you from moving forward, it’s letting them go or embracing them to use them to change your reality. Spend sometime getting in touch with your thoughts and look at any reoccurring thoughts. It’s a good idea to write them down.

Now we have the awareness it’s time to connect with you. In your current life what healthily routines that you love to do. I’m going to list a couple of options pick one or think about your favourite if it’s not listed here.

  • Meditation music or guided
  • EFT tapping
  • Grounding exercises such as running on the grass or bike riding in nature
  • Yoga
  • Writing and blogging (my favourite)
  • Art
  • Photography

See there are many things you could do, the list is endless when you are doing something you enjoy at the same time it’s a self-reflection time. By doing something that lights you up you will be happier while experiencing your personal growth.

Now you have the connection within every time you face negatively or conflict go within and see where it’s really coming from. If you are facing a particular struggle look at 5 things you are grateful for as this brings things into perspective really quickly and flips your mindset. Thank you for joining me on the journey to find are you really happy. Please let me know what’s is one thing you are happy about in your current life today?

Of course this journey is much better with support so if you need a life coach help you on your journey of self awareness send me a message as I can help you move forward quicker to your happy place. Contact me to find out more at