Body Confidence

Today I want to talk about body confidence and what it means to me. I actually love my body and I have found been in my 30’s to be liberating in this aspect. The uncertainly of my teens and 20’s has melted away. I also know having my husband by my side has also taught me a lot about myself including the way I feel about my body.

As it’s springtime now so most women are on a diet or healthy eating plan to lose those few extra kilos before summer. While I’m not in that boat and I can also thank good genes from my Dad’s side of the family. I still watch what I eat but it’s living on the 80/20 principle. I don’t believe we should go without things, as we have to enjoy our lives too. It’s just been sensible in our approach.

Body confidence isn’t just about weight either it’s about your features, your skin, your hair etc. While there are a few things that we all have that aren’t the way you want them to be it loves them anyway. I have learnt to accept myself just the way I am. It’s made me happy to say well I’m not perfect but I am happy been just the way I am.

Media plays a big part it making us feel a certain way about our bodies. All these magazines with models been airbrushed so they don’t have a flaw in sight. If we saw these women in natural form we would see they are just like us. They are human too so no different to us.

So I want everyone else reading this to say I accept myself just the way I am 🙂