How Connecting with Yourself is the Key to your Success

Today’s blog post is all about how connecting with yourself is the key to your success. While I’m talking about business in this post this exactly the same advice that would apply when we are talking about your career because it’s exactly the same principles.

The business arena is a noisy one and everywhere you look there is a free webinar to attend, click here to make $5K in 5 days on a social media post and many other similar things. The noise can be very distracting and there are a lot of quick fix options, which in my own opinion don’t work. These things can take you in all sorts of directions by learning new things but is this taking you away from your true purpose? Do you find you are attracted to shiny objects?

Lately I have learnt many valuable lessons from some amazing people that I have met which I am incredibility lucky. The one significant important thing that I have learnt is really deeply connecting to myself and to block out the noise. This doesn’t mean sitting in meditation for 15 minutes day, which I was doing (nothing wrong with this for relaxing). I mean finding out truly who I am, looking at my language with the words I speak, exploring my current thoughts and looking at blocks that are stopping me from moving forward.

The journey of discovery is not an easy not at all but I can say the reward is totally worth it, which is giving me the direction my heart is truly called to follow.

This post I am sharing what I have learnt in order to help you connect with yourself and your highest purpose. Trust me, this the way to go to build success rather than chasing the quick fix options. Exploring your values and what you want to achieve will open up many more doors in your life and business if you just let success in. Come on and discover this with me now.

What do you really want in life and business?

I thought I knew what I wanted in my business after I finished my life coach training. Confidence was something I struggled with so this is what I was going to coach other’s on because it’s the area I grew the most. As my journey progressed I fell in love with writing again (I used the write a lot when I was younger). I took new writing courses and did my awesome copywriting training. Coaching and writing together are my big loves which means that why wouldn’t they go hand in hand in my business. I only realised this with the deep inner work along which my beautiful business coach helping me to discover my true path. This has been a game changer for me and I’m extremely grateful for what I have discovered.

I told you about my story because I want you to see that it will change as you grow in your business, which is totally ok. I want to ask you a few questions to see if this some of these resonate with you.

  • When you really start asking yourself am I doing this type of work because it lights me up?
  • Does this excite me when my clients get a win or the product I supply makes them happy?
  • Or are you doing it because you think you should do it or someone else in your business field says you have to?
  • Is the thought of the money driving you to do it?

There could be many variations but I just wanted you to start thinking about why are you doing what you do? It’s actually asking yourself questions like above to really get in alignment with you. Face it life is short and spending your day doing something you don’t love well it sucks. Just start doing something each day to move you closer to where you want to be. Discover what you truly want, write in your journal, sit quietly by connecting with yourself and listen to the advice from other’s but only take what you only need.

My challenge for you is to take some time to explore, connect with yourself and have a look at what’s important to you.

What is your mindset saying to you?

I mentioned above about your thoughts and language, which is essentially your mindset, let’s explore here.

Mindset is a buzzword in the entrepreneurial world but for a very good reason as it’s extremely important. Mindset is the number 1 reason you succeed in your business or you don’t. I know that’s a pretty big call but it’s honestly the truth and the more I learn the more important it is to me.

In order to be successful by putting yourself out there you have to trust yourself and believe in yourself. It sounds simple but oh it’s not because we have to move through a lot of our own crap either pre-conditioning stuff we have learnt as a child, lack of confidence to put yourself out there and be ok that not everyone is going to like or agree with you because that’s life.

How do you build your mindset so it’s strong? It’s no different to building a real muscle say on your arm. In order to grow the muscle you have to practice and lift weights on a regular basis in order to see results. Well guess what mindset is exactly the same you have to train your mind and do this regularly then you will see the results.

On a daily basis I say affirmations to myself every single morning while I am getting ready. I sit down weekly to look at my belief/blocks to move through them and I also write to get my thoughts out of my head. As you can mindset work is something, which is on going on every single day.

I would love to hear from you, what success mindset practices do you do in your daily life?

Well there are only two sections in this blog post because I got a bit carried away writing as per usual. I felt really drawn to share this with you today because I want to help you realise everything holding you back is in your head and yes you can do anything you put your mind to. We all deserve to have success so let’s go out there and make a difference.

Thank you for joining me on how connecting with yourself is the key to your success. I would love to hear from you below what mindset practices do you do in your life on a regular basis?