When You Have Your Dreams Mapped Out and It’s Not Happening

Today’s we are talking about when you have your dreams mapped out and it’s not happening. You have followed all the rules to manifest what you want by stepping up, you looked at your blocks on the surface level, you have your dreams written out and then you put the intention out into the world. It’s all mapped out and then you wait for it to become. This could be anything a new job, partner, baby, house, business, money, dream body or really anything you truly desire.

While you are waiting, you attempt to be patient for a very short while but then the little voice in your head is saying:

  • Why hasn’t it shown up yet?
  • Have I done this right?
  • Why is it not happening?
  • Everyone else is getting what they want, what about me.

The feeling of impatience while you are waiting to manifest your dreams is challenge but you are learning as you go which is cool. It does take time for things to happen and you have to truly believe in your dream that no matter what it will happen. (this is the big key, which I will write about in a future blog).

There are so many questions you could be asking yourself which this blog could be filled up with if we listed them. It’s not about staying in the negative space but it’s more about owning how you feel (negative or positive).

When we are triggered it’s the opportunity to look at the emotions, fears and thoughts that are coming up, as they are the key to the next steps. Grab your journal, sit in meditation or get outside so you can get out of your head. When we are waiting for something to happen doubt will automatically creep in, it’s how we choose to work with this doubt.

This has happened many times in my life, if you are feeling it right now or have been in this situation know that it’s ok. It part of life and each time we experience personal growth, we will grow. Also be aware if we focus too much on the not happening you will get more of the same, keep moving forward daily.

While I’m writing this blog I am experiencing this in my own life so the emotions and feelings I am experiencing are very real of second guessing, getting impatient, letting go and trusting the right path is paving the way for me (which I 100% believe it is). I’m lucky to have amazing people in my life that inspire and help me on my path. This why I am writing about this because it’s close to my heart with the knowing that my journey can help you too.

Don’t give up on your journey, always trust you will get to where you want to be in the future. Sure there will be detours along the way, the path might take you somewhere even better than you expect and there will be times of struggle which you learn how much strength you truly have. Also keep taking action as each new step takes you closer to the destination.

Thank you joining me with when you have dreams mapped out and it’s not happening. I would love to hear from you in the below comments. What’s are you looking to bring into your life, as you can set the intention right here, right now.

If you need help getting clearer with your goals you would like to manifest, send me a message as we can have a free coaching chat.