Why Should Every Business Have a Blog?

Let’s face it having a blog is an important part of your website so the question is why should every business have a blog? There are two sides of the coin either you absolutely love blogging or you dislike it and avoid it if you can. Did you realise how important a blog is especially if you are in a service based business.

In my business I coach and mentor business owners around their copy, which is, included as part of their content their blog. From working with other’s I have found a lot of entrepreneurs are stuck with what to write about in their blog, what subjects, how often should they blog or they don’t think they can write.

The benefit of having a blog will change your relationship with your audience by building rapport as they are getting to know you and your business on a deeper level. The other benefits are helping your website rank higher in Google as you have more content on your site and your keywords (SEO).

  1. What are the benefits?

 Lets start with where we left off in the last paragraph, which is SEO (search engine optimisation). When we write a blog we are writing a subject that our audience is interested in. The keywords we use throughout the body of the blog and using these same keywords on our Meta tags will help your blog post rank higher and get more traffic. For example my main two keyword in this blog are “blog and business” these words are mentioned a fair few times through the body of the blog. I have also included them in my Meta tags and named my blog photo the main title as above. These are just a couple of tiny little things you can do which will help your SEO ranking every time you post.

Now the number one reason you have a blog is to engage with your audience and let them get to know the real you. Your audience want to know your journey, what your story is, what struggles you have/had, what are you celebrating and what your company is offering. This is stuff you have learnt which you are now sharing and inspiring your audience to learn from you, along with adding value at the same time. By building this rapport they will remember you because they learnt from you, they loved your message and they want to know more about what you offer.

  1. What do I write about in my blog?

This is a question I get asked a lot which is what do I write about in my blog? I want you to have a think about what are your clients/audiences biggest challenges right now? What are you promoting and currently selling? Look at your website and marketing material because this is what your niche market wants to know about. Also if you are a life coach like myself it’s talking about my story along with my challenges because this is what my audience want to hear about. All the things I have learnt from my studies (life coaching and copy writing), working in my business, learning from my clients and working with other coaches because this knowledge will and can help them.

If your not sure ask your audience some questions see what they want to learn more about. Having awareness with people around you as there is also good subjects that present themselves in everyday life too. There are subjects everywhere its awareness and choosing.

  1. How long should my post be and how often should I blog?

Every single person and business reading this post will be different which means that there is no one sized fits all. For me personally I tend to write longer more detailed posts because that’s the style I like and being a writer I’m wordy! My posts are usually between 900 – 1100 words and I write fortnightly for my own website. As I also write for other people’s online magazines so I split it up between this.

Your style might be short frequent posts like 300 words every single week because you like to get straight to the point. Or you might be more like me enjoying writing the long detailed posts.

Find a style that suits and works right for your business. Choose a plan with how many posts you want to publish per month and schedule it into your calendar like any other task that way you will get it done.

  1. How to get traffic

You have written this awesome new blog put it on your website and it’s now time to inspire people but how do you get people to read your blog?

The best and easiest way to promote your blog is through your social media channels. This way you share your content, help other’s, build rapport, gain new people to your audience and many more things. This works really well with my niche because they are all on social media a fair bit.

I want you to think what social media channels do you use in your business and also your everyday life too. When your new blog is live, use these channels to start to promote your latest blog post and share why you wrote about this subject. I use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for my main platforms because this is where my niche is.

So my example is Facebook on my business page, my own page and groups with female entrepreneurs in because that’s my niche. Twitter is full of other bloggers and a really awesome platform to share and make connections. I use #hashtag to promote my blog because it reaches more people. When I promote this blog post I will use #hashtags such as #blogger #entrepreneur #business as this is related to my subject. I also post in LinkedIn and share in their groups very similar to Facebook.

Of course after all the social media promoting send a link to your latest blog on your newsletter to your current audience.

It’s been an amazing journey today and I hope you have got value from Why should every business have a blog? I would love to hear from you below what’s your latest post about? Share with me in the comments below.