How to Gain More Engagement from your Social Media Content?

Let’s be honest us business owners are out there posting content on social media all the time. The question I get asked a lot is how to gain more engagement from my social media content? Let’s dive and start looking at how you can get the engagement you are looking for.

Before we even start getting into the engagement strategies it always goes back to our audience and clients. What do they need and what are their biggest struggles? In order to help them with your social media content you have to know what they need. It’s getting back into your ideal client’s head and what they need to learn about. This always comes before anything, because in order to have a successful business it’s only because of your clients. Now we have that straight in our heads let’s get into the content.

Engagement strategy

Lets take the overwhelm away about what to post on the social media channels which is by the way different depending on which platform you are using. It all comes back to the planning and know what works on which platform. When I post on social media I have a plan I stick to.

I’m going to use twitter as an example because it’s the social media I do the best at. I post 4 times per day my morning post is usually inspirational, letting them know what I am up to or sharing my latest offering. Second post is always a blog post I have written, third post of adding value and the fourth post is either another blog or adding value. See I have a structure I follow which works really well with my audience. Yes I do pre-set the posts on buffer on a weekly basis to make sure the post go out.

As you can see this is a structure I use which works perfectly for me. Yes this is getting off track a bit about the engagement but planning is key to your success, also you won’t feel like you are scrambling everyday with what to write.

Are you using their language in the content?

As we talked about in last fortnight’s blog post about your ideal client this comes back again to them. With content creation is looking at the language your audience speaks and using this in the social media posts. This is the key to getting the engagement you are looking for.

Ask them questions in the post; give them strategies that worked for you and how it can help them. Just keep adding value, teaching and expanding their knowledge. Even if they aren’t commenting they are reading, learning and they might click on you to find out more. This has happened to me quite a few times which I got to have a really nice conversation in private message with them.

Having a strong call to action at the end

Lucky last section but the most important of them all. In all of the content I write whether it’s social media, blog posts or copywriting for my clients the call to action is everything. If you don’t do anything else do this well and that’s going to help your engagement full stop. I could write a full blog post on the call to action maybe at a future date J

How do you have a strong call to action? For a start it’s being incredibility clear with what you would like the reader to do. Tell them in simple, easy plain English. Either click here to get this, find out more, ask them a question to get their answer below or ask them to share with their friends. Of course this is telling the types of call to actions to write, make it much more engaging than this otherwise they won’t click.

In the call to action especially on sales posts it’s important to have a sense of urgency because people don’t want to miss out.

Well that was fun and I really enjoyed sharing how to gain more engagement from your social media content. Now you have an insight on how to gain more engagement from your social media content, it’s time for you to try it out. What’s your main take away you have learnt today? Please post in the comments below