Getting Clear on Social Media Content

The month of September on the blog is all about social media and the way content is the key to engaging with your audience. Getting clear on your social media content is incredibility important so let’s dive in.

These days social media is everywhere and more new social media channels are popping up every single year. For us business owner’s social media is a big key to our success if we do it right and build engagement with our audience. Also we have to know exactly where are target audience is hanging out, in order to add value to them. In this post I am going to be talking about the different types of options, the type of content available to you and how you can start engaging with your audience straight away. Let’s move into the first section.

What social media platform should you use?

In business there is conflicting information given about social media platforms and which ones we should be using. I know some business owners are on a lot of different platforms or some are just on a couple. In my personal opinion I believe it’s best to do a couple of platforms really well, than have too many platforms that you don’t use very much.

Ok you are probably wondering which platforms to be on then? The answer is where are your target market hanging out? When you are researching your target market include this as one of the questions ask them which social media platform do they use on a daily basis? Or ask them on your next newsletter, do a survey in a Facebook group where your target market is. Research is the key to finding out which platforms to focus on in your business.

From my research in my own business I have found Facebook groups to be amazing, LinkedIn and Twitter (especially good for writers). These are the three platforms I use on a regular basis which I have found to suit my target market of business owners. I challenge you if you don’t know get out there and research it.

What types of social media content?

I am all about teaching people content whether it’s in coaching or writing for business owners in copywriting, this is a subject I know really well which means that I am here to share my knowledge about this. It can get confusing to know what to share with your audience, which we will get into in the next blog post later in the month.

Let’s instead look at the different types of content you can share with your audience.

General Information Post

This post is the most simple and it’s giving your audience an opportunity to get to know you. I like to share what I am up to in my life/business, if I have been to amazing workshop or if I learnt something new that could help them. This can be anything at all it’s giving you chance to build rapport with them.

Selling Post/Sharing your latest offering

This is an important one, which I am going to keep simple on this blog post because there is a content structure I teach my coaching clients. You want to be able to share what you are offering on your latest event/program/product. When promoting this asking them a few questions to get their interest at the start and list the benefits the event/program/product can do for them. When you are selling to them it’s actually all about their needs.

I did want to say to post this a few times per week but mix it up with other posts because people will switch off if they know they are going to get sold to all the time.

Adding Value Post

This is my favourite type of post because it’s getting to share your knowledge with your audience. Share what you have learnt, sharing an article that helped you in your business, listing top 5 things they can do to change (what your expertise are). As an expert your knowledge is what they would like to learn about so share away to help them.

Picture/Inspirational Post

These posts are fun, inspirational and help shift your mindset when things need a bit of a shift. People also love pictures whether it’s a pretty picture, a happy couple or picture of you doing something amazing (key if you are in business for branding reasons). Seeing pictures brings connection and engagement to us, which we respond too.


The last but not least is videos, which my target market absolutely loves. Video’s are the quickest way to get rapport, build trust and let your audience get to know you. I noticed Facebook live is going a bit crazy at the moment but people really respond. Video’s are used everywhere not just on social media on Vblogs, you tube and many other apps popping up all the time. Videos build engagement and your audience will love this type of content.

What an awesome journey today discovering getting clear of social media content. Next fortnight’s blog I will be back to go into the type of posts and key content tips to gain better engagement. I would absolutely love to hear from you what is your favourite social media platform in your business and why?