How I Got Over My Public Speaking Fear

Today I’m going to take you on my own journey with how I got over my public speaking fear. I’m sharing my story so I can help other’s going through this fear right now or other’s about to embark on learning how to public speak.

Let’s be honest in our business we have to present ourselves out into the world online and in person, which means that we get noticed. In order for us to be successful we need to stand up, be visible, talk to customers, be confident within ourselves and our message. There is a lot riding on us been a confident speaker because without this we don’t get noticed and we don’t make sales.

Now we have a taste of how important speaking actually is, let’s get into my story. I have gone from an afraid speaker that would hide in the corner to now going out and working as a guest speaker as part of my business. I now love been on stage and sharing powerful information with other’s because it makes me happy. How did I get to this place where I am now? Read on to follow my story.

Do you remember back at school when they used to force you to do those group presentations in front of the class? I didn’t like them and the thought of standing up in front of the class used to make my hands shake because I was scared. This was for two reasons reflecting back now the first because of my lack of confidence in those days and the other reason was what would other’s think about me. When I was standing up there I used to rush the talk that way it would be over as quickly as possible so I could sit down.

Moving into adulthood I basically avoided public speaking unless I had to for example in smaller meetings where we were all sitting around a table this was about as far as my comfort zone would allow me, that is what I thought until I became a life coach.

My first taste of speaking was during my life coaching course because it was one of our units in the course. We had a three day face to face where we presented to each other and then we had to present to a small group on a topic afterwards. Learning the skills helped me a lot by working with the life coaching facilitator but the fear still remained.

Basically it got to a stage in my business that I knew I had to get over this fear and I was sick of it holding me back. I knew where I wanted to be so I put on my website that I was a speaker because I decided this is who I am. My mindset and determination were the main reasons of my success which I can now share with you today.

I then started putting myself out there networking and watching other guest speakers in action. How did they present themselves, what did they speak about and what could I learn from them? This really helped me learn from all the way from their stage presence to the topics they choose, it showed me well if they can do it I would too.

My next step which changed everything for me, I created my own meet up group with monthly topics such as goal setting, self care etc. which I presented personal development topics to them. Trust me it wasn’t easy even though I knew my topics well I was incredibly scared but I did it anyway. EFT tapping was an amazing tool, which helped me, prepare and it’s great for fears I even did a presentation on this to the group too. If you would like to learn more this I would recommend checking out The Tapping Solution website it is amazing.

It’s because I made a promise to myself that I was going to speak, I wouldn’t let anything get in my way (when my mind tried to talk me out of it I went back to EFT to work through more stuff) and the determination I had. Sometimes I was scared but I wanted to share my knowledge with these women which means that I did it anyway, After a couple of times it got easier and I started getting excited about the next topic. I actually started to enjoy myself and have fun in front the group.

The next step was hosting mentoring circles and offering my services as a guest speaker. I am now confident and I love the opportunity to speak to groups because this is where transformation happens. Yes there is always room to grow and move forward with my next aim, which is to speak to larger groups. The next goal is a group of 100 people, which will stretch my comfort zone. I always had a clear actionable plan on my journey which got me from the beginning to where I am now without this I wouldn’t be writing this post.

Today is a different sort of blog post than I normally write because I wanted you to see if I can get up there and be a speaker, so can you. The only thing holding you back is your mindset and once you make a determined decision you can overcome this fear with action. As a trained life coach it helped me because I understand the mindset side of things, which was key to my success.

If you like to chat to me further about your public speaking fear I would love to jump on Skype and get clear on your action steps as you need to have a plan to succeed. I have a couple of discovery call spots available this week if you choose to take action please contact me.

Thank you for joining me on how I got over my public speaking fear. Of course as you got to the end of the post let me know. What is the one thing holding you back in your public speaking? Let me know below as I can help you in the comments.

Check back in two weeks, as I am excited to share a blog post on some tips to get your more confident with your speaking on stage that I personally use.