I am feeling so much gratitude today and I wanted to share this with everyone. To often in life we get caught up with the negative and things that are going wrong for us. Instead of focusing on this why don’t we flip it and start looking at the positive things we have in life right now.

So the end of last week I wasn’t feeling myself and was having an off day. Then my not very old car broke down and wouldn’t start on this very same day. To cut a long story short it had to get towed to the dealer.

Instead of looking at the negative and staying in this cycle of why me, I decided to handle this with a different approach. I decided ok this isn’t the best situation but what can I learn from this. While I was waiting around for my roadside assistance and then the tow truck I used this as a reflection time.

Do you what everybody I met on this day that helped me with my car were fantastic and so kind. I feel gratitude to all these people as it was a good reminder that there are so many fantastic people out there. Yes these people were doing their job but you could see their personalities shining through.

Let’s choose today to focus on what we are grateful for. I would love to hear from you what did someone do to make you feel grateful?