How to Handle Your Stress Levels When Life Gets Busy

Today I’m going to talk about how to handle your stress levels when life gets busy. This day and age we are constantly filling our lives up with so many things as we are on average a very stressed out society. There is a way to combat this stress and the very first step is been aware of how stressed you are and how you feel.

When you are stressed your body thinks you are in danger, your hormones and heart start getting faster. Your breath starts getting faster and you get a burst of energy that keeps you going. I’m sure you have heard people talking about the fight or flight response so this is what this is. Having this for a longer time this can have a damaging effect on your mind and body. Long-term stress can turn into illness and depression so this is what you definitely want to avoid.

Self Care and time for yourself

In these moments the most important thing you can do is your daily self-care practice. Having daily routines or rituals helps you remain grounded and calm in your mind. Everyone’s self care practice is going to be unique so find what works the best for you. I know with me its meditation every single day even if I only have time for 5 minutes if I have more time I will spend longer. My other practice is weekly yoga and walking when I get chance. These few things lower my stress levels and help keep me focused on my daily life. It’s scheduling some time just for you every single day if you have the time if not some time at least weekly. You have to look after yourself before you can serve and look after others. So I want you to think about your self-care practice right now and if it is currently serving you. What can you include daily and weekly to keep your stress levels down? Once you have worked this out what is right for you can start implementing your new self care practice today.

Keep your lifestyle healthy

We covered on self-care above so this is a continuation on this because it’s closely related. When you are stressed sometimes it’s easier to reach for that chocolate bar or an extra glass of wine. We all have a favourite vice and it can be sometimes easier to reach for something than dealing with the stress head on. I know I am guilty of this and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Also when your life is a bit too busy this is when you get lazy and eat convenience food. So by keeping your mind and body healthy your stress levels will be a manageable level and you will feel better within your self. Including your healthily diet and exercise to your self-care routine will do wonders for keeping your mind clear and body happy.

Balance work and home life

So we have already talked about the above two and now it’s time to move into number three which is for us people that work too much. Having your own business and doing something you love means you spend more time working on this. Have you caught yourself saying I’ll just finish this before I spend time relaxing? I’m totally guilty of this way too many times because sometimes work does seem like work to me. So how can you create a work life and personal life balance? It’s scheduling in time to make sure you have time for the gym, time to have a date with your partner and time for socializing. Give yourself at least one full day off per week from working just to do the things you love to do. Just having time to relax and do things that make you happy give you the space to enjoy your life. You achieve amazing things when you are relaxed and your are much more focused on your work when you get back to it. So what are you going to do today to balance this in your life?

I hope you enjoyed my post on stress levels and you have some more ideas to start feeling less stressed today. Everyone is going to have certain practices that will suit them so try a few things and see what works with your lifestyle. Living a life without stress or low stress is a much better way of living.