How To Live In The Present Moment

Today I’m writing about how to live in the present moment as this is very close to my heart right now. Last week someone close to me had a health scare which really scared and shook me up. Luckily they are all ok and back to good health again but it made me think about life in general and my own life. Life is incredibly precious as we only get one opportunity in life and we don’t want to be living with regrets. Which means that we want to be making the most of every single moment, day, week and year.

I find myself sometimes sitting at my desk looking out the window at my day job wishing it were already Friday 5 o’clock so I can go home to start the weekend. Just wishing for the days to fly by, but when I do this I am wasting those moments, hours and days. I’m not being present with the right now, instead I could be making someone smile, enjoy some laughter with other’s and having my eyes open to new opportunities that present themselves in any moment throughout the day. When your mind is already ahead, you miss the beautiful things the universe presents to you and frankly each moment has something for you, if you can just stay present.

Being Present

Of course the first point is being present right now, right here in this very moment. I get it life is busy we are running around at work, in our businesses, family, house and errands, there is always something that needs to be done. Which is a part of life but instead how can we be more aware of what’s happening around us. I’m going to give a few examples which I know I have been guilty of like eating my breakfast so fast because I’m running late and not actually tasting what I ate. Driving somewhere familiar on autopilot or getting caught up working on something and when you do notice your shoulders are hunched over your keyboard. These are just some examples in my own life I have done and yes I’m not proud of the autopilot one.

Instead how can we be more present right now and yes I have some fabulous tools we can use together. Meditation is my favourite because it allows your thoughts to flow through you without judging any of them. It always quietens your mind so you are able to see the other possibilities (more about this below). Going for a walk outside without listening to music by allowing yourself to hear the birds sing, smell the freshly cut grass and letting the sun warm your face. Use all your senses to be present and enjoy the little things around you. There are many others, which I challenge you to think of two you can use yourself in your life this week.

Quietening the mind and the negative voice

Yes in my blog posts I talk about the negative voice and thoughts on a fairly frequent basis because it’s one of the most challenging things to master. Its also what every single person on this earth has which is that negative voice, the key is how to master the voice because it will always be there. When you are going along with your negative voice, buying into the crap it’s telling you and agreeing with the thoughts, which keeps you safe and where you are currently. Safely not moving forward, not being present, scared to try new things and not being open to new possibilities because you can’t see them within all this fog. Yes it’s stopping you from living your life fully and following your dreams well let’s makes a pact to change that now.

Mastering the negative voice there is a no one size fits all here but I’m going to share what’s worked for me and I know you can find something that will help you too.

  • My first one is EFT tapping which is an amazing tool I have used often to help with negative thoughts and moving forward in my own life. As our thoughts, feelings and emotions are stored in our body including our cells, EFT tapping is a good way to give the thoughts a voice and at the same time releasing what we are holding on to. By releasing this we are able to quieten the mind and be more present in our daily life. More about how to do eft tapping this can be found at The Tapping Solution website.
  • We spoke about meditation earlier but it needs a special mention because it’s so amazing for your own wellbeing. When I’m slack and I don’t meditate I notice the difference as I’m less present in my day. It’s easy to do and you can meditate the way that works for you like for example on the sofa, in your bed or in the park if you like. I have a busy life with a full time job, business and my family so I choose to a 10 minute meditation because it fits into my life. I listen to music from you tube or do a guided meditation it’s easy and quick with amazing benefits.
  • Of course I have to mention this one because it’s the most powerful tool of them all and that’s working with a life coach. By ourselves we can often can’t see why we are stuck, why we cant move forward and see what’s holding us back. That’s where working with a coach can help you move forward quicker, face your fears and move past blocks you have in your life. That way you aren’t missing the opportunities, you are more aware, present and you are using the opportunities that present themselves to you.
  • Mind and Body connection is a broad subject but I didn’t want to limit it, as there are many things you can do to quieten the voice at the same time working with the body. When we do something we love endorphins get released into the body and it makes us feel amazing. Exercise is one that does this and at the same time it clears our thoughts in our head. Go out for that run or walk, go to the gym, go to the yoga class or maybe dance around in your house. It doesn’t matter which one just pick what makes you happy and then you are enjoying the benefits at the same time.

Thank you for joining me today to dig deep into how to live in the present moment and enjoy everything in life you possibility can. I would love to hear from you what are you going to do today to enjoy your life? Also if you are looking at working with a coach I have some free discovery sessions available this week so send me an email on