How to Move Past Failure

This week’s blog is all about how to move past failure. In life and business you often expect things will be easy but often things just don’t go as planned. You give something a go and it takes 100 times longer than you think like facebook ads as an example (by the way I still don’t have the hang of the ads). Things don’t happen the way you think they will which means that you feel like a failure, it’s discouraging and can knock your self-esteem down. This blog is not going to be about a sob story it’s more about what learning we can take away from our experiences. There is always a silver lining we just have to open our eyes and be willing to look around for personal growth.

I have been in business for about a year now but really only active in the last half of last year. If someone told me how challenging getting into business would be I would of never believed them. Going through the start up stage tests everything you have including your self worth, your courage, your skills and everything you are learning for the first time. I have loved everything it’s taught me and the person I am now is a stronger person than when I first started.

Believe me it’s not all rosy along the way and my last blog post on comfort zones is all the levels we go through which gives us a direct reflection of what it’s really like check it out here if you missed it This blog post is more about the direct reflection of what happens when things in your life or business doesn’t go the way you planned. We can’t control some things in life it’s just not possible but instead we can grow from this. This growth is invaluable for our future experiences and opportunities that will present themselves to us.

Look at the personal growth

When we are growing and moving forward there is going to be a time when we want to hide or don’t want to face our feelings because we feel like a failure. Or we are seconded guessing ourselves because we are not sure if our current direction is the right direction for us. This is totally ok because some things will work and other things won’t but if you don’t give it a go you will never know the outcome. Do you want to be a person that’s always “what if “or do you want to give it your best shot to see what you can learn instead. I know I always choose to give it a go because there is always something to be learnt in every situation.

I want you to observe in your own life, what you are actually learning each day or week be an observer. Just having awareness and being open to seeing what you can learn about yourself. For me I have been faced with situations lately where I have to stand up, speak my voice and step into my power. Right at this moment I am writing a workshop and course about this very subject which is not by accident. The universe is testing me to make sure I am living in my own alignment, which means that I can help other’s step into their power too.

What to do with your self-doubt

During the learning process your negative thoughts and self doubt will come up it’s a fact because you are learning something new. When we step up in life we place ourselves in a new environment where we face new doubts and old doubts come back to the surface. Our mind send’s us doubts and blocks to keep us in safe mode because it thinks it’s the right thing to do but instead it’s not doing us any favours only keeping us from moving forward. Every single moment you have a choice so you can choose to move forward which I guarantee will bring up self-doubt it’s something that goes hand in hand with moving forward. Instead what if you could face your self doubt and win? Guess what you can and it’s not as challenging as you think it might be.

I find I have a some go to tools I use daily or when I need to refocus my thoughts. Right now I’m walking more than ever at the local park. This has being amazing for clearing my head, getting focused and more importantly letting go of thoughts that no longer serve me. I also use meditation and eft tapping for facing my fears/self doubts face on to release them. Have a think about a couple of tools you can use in your life to reach out to when the doubt hits.

Get straight back on the horse so to speak

When things don’t go as planned this is often when we want to hide in the corner, we dismiss it because it didn’t work or make excuses about how difficult it was. We faced our fears or feel shame around the failure because it wasn’t meant to be this way. It didn’t work the way we planned or pictured it to be. Guess what life just doesn’t always go our way but I am a big believer there is a reason because something better more alignment will present itself to you. You have to remain positive, open and aware of opportunities presenting themselves.

Ok things didn’t go the right way so what’s another way you can try this? What did you learn from your experience and how can you use this to your advantage this time?

We have to get straight back into it again as we don’t want to let our fears, doubts and belief’s stop us from find that success. There is always another way, options or a better way. I challenge you to step up and try again this time using your new awareness to do it differently because remember you are stronger from the personal growth you have just experienced.

Thank you for joining me today to look at how to move past failure. I would love to hear from you what did you do to get back on track again when you had a setback?