Improving your Content Marketing with Story Telling

Let’s get straight into today’s blog and dive into improving your content marketing with story telling. You might not think about story telling when you are writing your content, reading a blog post or looking at a sales page for a new program your interested in, it’s often the last thing that comes to mind. Did you realise that all of the biggest and most successful companies in the world are using story telling as part of their content marketing strategy?

Well it’s true and I’m going to use Apple as an example, which I absolutely love my mac and I-phone. It’s their story of how they started their business etc, which sets them apart for me from other computer companies, which made me want to buy my mac in the first place. I now wouldn’t change but it’s their story that got me interested in the first place.

How stories build relationships

First of all the story sharing is about building relationships wit your audience period. It’s not about selling or pushing information on the readers it’s about your journey, your struggles and this what you did to build your business.

I want you to think of a company or solo entrepreneur that does story telling really well. Once you have picked someone I’m going to ask you a couple of questions

  1. Why do you remember their story?
  2. What sets them apart from the people/businesses around them?
  3. What makes them unique?

You might not remember everything about them but it’s often their story you remember because it was spoken from their heart. As consumers we are more likely to engage and feel like we know someone when we read about their journey, which is why we are discussing here.

Be yourself and tell your truth

It’s now time to get to your own story because we can look at others as examples all day long but it’s not going to get your story told. We don’t want to go into comparing yourself here because your journey isn’t like anyone else’s, which means that your story is going to be unique to your own personal experience. This is something that should be celebrated.

When you are telling your story the best thing you can do is to be yourself with quirks and all. People respond to real authentic people and hide away from fake people it’s just our human nature. Which means being yourself it’s the main key to telling your story.

I tell stories all the time in my business, like when I wrote a blog about how I overcame my public speaking fear. This was purely a story I wanted to share because it was a fear I had for a long time. This blog was spoken fully from the heart, in my true voice and how my story could help others with their public speaking fear. You might not even realise sometimes when you are reading a story so having awareness is helping you recognise this.

How will your story grow your business

Even through this isn’t the main aim to grow your business this will automatically happen if you are content marketing your stories to the right people. When people connect to your mission aka story they are more likely to remember you so when they are ready to purchase something they will think of your business. Or even better they will say to their friend I know who would be perfect to help you because they remember your story.

It’s a fact good powerful stories will grow your business, build engagement with your audience and have you speaking your authentic message.

I hope you enjoyed improving your content marketing with story telling. My challenge is for what story can you share with your audience this week? Let me know in the below comments.