The Inner Connection – The Journey To Accepting Ourselves

Today we are diving into the inner connection – the journey to accepting ourselves. This blog is where the magic happens because the key to accepting ourselves is all about the journey within. Doing this is step into our own power where we learn deep lessons about ourselves. We go through life transitions, we move forward, grow to a new level by emerging as a new upgraded version of self.

My personal journey lately has been making a deeper connection to myself as I felt a separation with my mind and body last year. Which my health was suffering because of this. In order to connect and come back to my true path lots of inner work was required. The journey has been rewarding and bumpy which I wouldn’t change for anything. Please find some reflections to help you on your own personal inner path and accepting yourself in the process.

When we are in the true space of completely accepting ourselves, we go within to listen to the sound of our heart. The way it beats inside our chest and the sound of our heart is our purpose which gives us the strength to be ourselves. The heart always knows best and this is where you will find the inner knowing as it’s always guiding you towards your higher purpose.

Your mind will get noisy because it’s there to keep you safe as that’s what it only knows. Instead of accepting what the mind is saying negatively, change your state. This is by getting up, moving around, singing to your favourite song, dance in your house, walk outside, look in the mirror to tell yourself how amazing you are and move on a energetic level. This is because your state will be reset back to your true self and then you can get back to focusing on what you do want. This process can be repeated time and time again when required.

Acceptance is a beautiful part of the process of connecting to your inner world and focusing on breathing deeply. By breathing deeply and consciously this will take you out of your head so you can connect back to you.

Why is it important to connect to your heart and within yourself? This is your true nature, your actual purpose and your internal GPS, as it always knows what’s best. When we choose to make a decision about something spend time in meditation, breath work and sitting quietly as this is where the answer is. If you’re not a meditation type of person that’s ok, instead have a cuppa and sit in your garden as nature always grounds us.

All the tools you have inside you are what is required for the next steps in your life, they are already there but are hidden away from sight because life gets in the way. We can get side tracked, we can be racing a mile a minute, our mind is too loud to listen to. Which means that you need some time each day to just stop to connect back to you.

Find a way daily to connect with yourself and the more connection you have the more you will get to know the real you. This version of yourself that you didn’t even know existed because it was hidden below the layers of your busy mind.

During this inner connection time you will come across stuff that’s frankly a bit odd about yourself, not normal and pushing society’s box of how “we should be”. When you come across this we think wow and automatically think I’m judging myself because this is a part of me I’m not sure about. The fear of not knowing a part of you is confronting. What is it? Welcome to the shadow self and big part of the accepting yourself.

Thank you for joining me today to reflect on the inner connection – the journey to accepting ourselves. I would love to hear how do you connect to yourself? Please tune in in two weeks to learn about what this shadow self is all about.