Is your lack of self worth stopping you from chasing your dreams?

Today I’m going to talk about how is your lack of self worth stopping you from chasing your dreams. How we feel about ourselves and how much we think about been worthy within our ourselves affects all areas of our lives. The area I wish to focus on today is when this is stopping your from chasing your dreams and moving forward to your dream life.

I totally understand as having low self worth can make you feel stuck and it’s not easy to see the way out of the situation. You know there are so many things you can achieve if only you had the confidence, self-esteem and self worth to do this. I know what it’s like to be in this space of knowing there is more to life but having my self worth holding me back. Prior to me doing my coaching qualification this was exactly how I felt on a daily basis. I knew I had gifts and a massive vision to change the world around me to make it a more positive place but my self worth stood in the way of moving forward. I used to rely on other people through external validation to build my self worth which of course didn’t last because I had to learn how to do this for myself. Thanks to all my great coaching teachers I was able to learn how to believe in myself and how to use my self worth to change people’s lives for the better. So now I’m here to share some of my insights to help you grow your self worth and start chasing your dreams starting today.

I want you to start thinking about when you feel worthy what do you achieve? This blog post is all about you and your journey so I want you to reflect where you want to be with your dream life. Yes I’m sharing my insights with you from my own journey but I want you to know all our journeys are going to be different. So it’s important you reflect on your own experience and use which information is relevant to you.

I’m going to start with negative self talk as what that voice is telling you can be so mean and if you believe it your self worth goes along with it. All our thoughts are made up with positive and negative thoughts all day and everyday. Some of these thoughts we are aware of and some we are not. So you have your dreams maybe it’s a new relationship with someone, applying for a new job, making new friends, studying that new course you have always dreamt about or changing careers. It can be anything at all but when you are in the space of listening to what your negative voice is saying this voice can stop you in your tracks. If you start to listen to what your thoughts are saying your start to believe them and you decide to stay safe and not pursue your dreams. This doesn’t have to be your reality at all as you can start chasing your dreams today. It’s all about mindset so quietening the mind so you can see the difference between the negative and positive. I use yoga and meditation as my two avenues to quieten the mind so I am able to move towards positive thoughts. You can do anything at all some people I know use the gym, riding their bike or getting in the kitchen to cook up a storm. Find which method works for you and start becoming aware of your thoughts.

Your true self worth comes from within yourself so you aren’t looking outside of yourself to build your self esteem. When it’s unhealthily you are always looking to others for their opinions and looking for their compliments to build your self-esteem. So how do you move out of this space and instead by looking within yourself? I would recommend writing down everything that you love and what makes you happy. When you are doing this exercise I want you to think about just you and not anyone else in your life. These are your things on your happy list and things you know that light you up which make you happy. So my stretch for you is I want you to start slowly introducing these things into your life, as these are alignment with you. In some movements this is called self-love and filling yourself up with things you love you are building your self worth at the same time.

Find your voice and not been afraid to share your dreams with the world. Your voice is your voice only so no other human being has your gifts and natural abilities. So by having confidence to stand up and say what needs to be said instead of hiding in the corner. This isn’t in an ego sort of way it’s just been confident to get your opinion across to someone and sharing your views with others. If you want to follow your dreams you have to speak your own voice and not someone else’s voice. So start in a space you feel safe maybe it’s with your best friend, Mum or partner. When you are next in a conversation about something share your opinion or what you feel about a situation. Flex your confident muscles as the more you speak your voice the easier it will become. Just try it and even if it feels a little bit uncomfortable at first just keep moving a little bit outside of your comfort zone so you can move forward.

I hope the above helps you to start working on your self worth and confidence, as the world needs you to share your gifts with the world. Just know anything is possible if you believe in yourself and by building your self worth this will change your life.

Today’s post is just a taster of what you need to start working on to move forward so you can follow your dreams. If you need any help I have a couple of spaces available in June for one on one coaching with me. Please email me at to book your free discovery call.