Letting Go of the Need to Control a Situation

Let’s talk about letting go of the need to control a situation and ways to release the control. Every single one of us wants our life and things to happen the way we want it to as we are human after all. When we hold on tightly to a situation or something we are currently experiencing we try to control the outcome of what will happen. What happens when the outcome isn’t want you want it to be? We move into fear, judgement and negative self talk of the big why is this happening to me. Let’s explore the possibility to release control you currently have to live your life to your full potential.

Life has many ups and downs which I liken to a roller coaster, sometimes we are on top of the world then we come back down to reality. Things and situations will happen during these times, some of these will be happy and others will be challenging. When control is present in our life we are attached to the way something needs happen and how the outcome is going to look to us. Control can be an ugly action because it limits us from our full potential, while stopping us from seeing outside a situation instead of seeing the possibilities. When you release the need for control your life just runs more smoothly and you get taken on a journey of discovery, which is so exciting.

Accept your current situation

Do you have something currently you are trying to control in your life? This could be a situation, a relationship or your work. Maybe things aren’t going exactly how you want them to but you are still trying to control what will happen in the end. We have blinkers on our eyes sometimes so we only see something one way only, instead of the amazing possibilities we have if we let go of control. Let’s start by looking at exactly where you are right now in your situation, relationship or work. Just stop and look at how this is making you feel, what is happening currently and what outcome you have placed on it? The first step is acceptance by just slowing down by looking at where you are currently are in this moment. There is no right or wrong just be accepting of yourself at where you are on your journey.

Release your fear and judgement of what will happen

When we start accepting a situation for what it is this will raise some other thoughts and feelings trust me I know. Hands up if anyone is feeling fear and judging the situation right now? My hand is up because I have done this before so you aren’t alone. Along the process of letting go fear of what is going to happen, how you are judging yourself and how other people are going to judge you. It can be pretty scary to think it’s actually just not control you are facing, its all these other things as well. Everyone will have different methods to have a look at their fear and judgement but I can suggest a few I currently use. Journaling is a big one for me as getting my thoughts out of my head and on to paper is relief. I just let myself write whatever I currently feel and just express my feelings. Meditation and yoga is a way to clear my mind while bringing clarity to where I am. Have a try of a few different things to see what method works for you.

Surrender with trust

Now you have looked at fear, judgement and acceptance it’s time to surrender. When you surrender your control you have to trust everything will be ok while you are letting go. During the letting go phase you will find the more you let go the more possibilities will come your way. This is because you have opened up more space and opened your heart to a new way of thinking. The more you let go of your control the better the outcomes and opportunities will come into your life.

How relaxed and free you will feel after releasing control

So how relaxed and amazing you must feel by going on this journey with me. The more releasing you do over time the better your life will get. Just like everything new it takes lots of practice and you will get better the more you do it. Having the awareness alone when you are controlling a situation to just stop and ask yourself am I controlling this or not? This will make such a difference in your life, work and relationships.

What situation are you letting go of the need of control? Please share with me below in the comments so we can all start have less control and more possibilities in our life.


~Photo by Death to Stock Photography~