How to Make the Most of Your Life Transitions

You know what it’s like when things are changing at rapid speed in your life and often you haven’t had time to catch up? Welcome to my latest blog on how to make the most of your life transitions.

Life transitions can put you in the frame of mind which is life is too short and you are going to make each moment count. When you step out of your comfort zone and change things this is when transitions start to happen. I have just come out the other side of one, which means that it’s time to reflect with you all.

Transitions whether we decide we want to change, a big thing event happens, we are forced to change because of something that has happened or it just sneaks up on us. Throughout our lives we will go through different stages, we are constantly learning and growing along with different opportunities that present themselves to us. We have a choice to grab the opportunity by both hands by stepping into the unknown or we can hide in the safe space. The universe often has a way of not letting us stay in the safe space for too long, so you can’t hide forever anyway.

What made me go through my recent transition? I have really stepped it up lately in my business because I decided that I wanted to be out there helping more people and really making a difference, which is my true purpose. The time is now and I’m not waiting any longer because my dreams are ready to shine. For people that follow my blog know that I am no stranger to stepping out of my comfort zone I do this all the time. To get an idea of where I am going I wanted to share my business vision statements with you to show the reason I am stepping out now.

My Vision

  • To create courageous writers and speakers.
  • To create an online platform to teach other’s how to write authentically.
  • To serve other’s while still connecting to self.

I work in a service based business to serve other’s that need help in their business around coaching and writing. In order to truly be in alignment with my vision and serve my purpose I moved it up another step. Let’s move into what happens in a transition phase.

What is a transition?

Transition is a psychological state which means that in order for us to change deeply on an emotional level we have to embrace this state of transition. As my coaching friend recently taught me there are three phases of a transition.

  • an ending
  • neutral zone
  • new beginning

An Ending

Yes it starts at an ending because in order for us to move forward we have to say goodbye to our old belief’s, our fears and life as we currently know it. When I was doing my life coach training our teacher always used to say to us learn how to dance on the moving carpet. This is exactly what an ending is like because it is the unknown and the carpet will always be moving.

During this time the old stories like fear, childhood programming like belief’s and resistance to change will be present. Old mindset will come back and have you second guessing what are you doing. This is a normal phase of letting go, learning from your experience and embracing change. The ending won’t happen overnight but as long as you take care of yourself and work on your old mindset you will be able to move to the next zone the neutral zone.

Neutral Zone

Welcome to the neutral zone and this where we have to get used to being uncomfortable for a while. This is when it’s important to make space for yourself to have some alone time to process your thoughts and reflect what is going on. The neutral zone is in between the ending and the new beginning, which can feel like limbo neither at the start or at the end. This space can feel empty because your not sure what is happening but this is actually the most important phase of them all, don’t rush this phase.

In preparation for the new beginning take time to surrender and accept your struggles because we are human after all. Take this time as a reflection to really dig deep by asking yourself some questions like:

  • Where do I want to be?
  • What are my values?
  • What is my true purpose?

Journal, write, blog, meditate, run outside, do yoga or play sport whatever you love doing. Reflect on your thoughts during this phase, which will prepare you for the rebirth the new beginning.

New beginning

The third phase and of course my personal favourite which is the new beginning. We have done the releasing, we have got used to being uncomfortable and now we have arrived at where we want to be. Just like in Springtime the flowers and birds come out after winter this is exactly what this is like. We launch ourselves into the new and our spring is back in our step. You have come on a journey and this is where I want you to celebrate what you have done 🙂

Transitions aren’t easy so remember next time you are travelling on one give yourself space and be kind to yourself. Remember once you reach the new beginning it is totally worth it and think of what you have achieved.

Thank you for joining me on how to make the most of your life transitions. What can you do to celebrate next time at the end of your transition? I would love to hear from you in the below comments.