Negative self talk – 5 ways to start thinking positive

Let’s explore negative self talk – 5 ways to start thinking positive. Our thoughts are definitely busy as we live in the digital age so we always have our computers, smart phones and tablets at our fingertips. This world is now 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so this information from the world never stops. As a result of this our thoughts are constantly going, we are always thinking and have new information we are absorbing every single day.

With our busy lives which I totally get that myself included as I have a part time life coaching business, a full time job and my personal life including my family and friends. So I’m no different to many other people out in the world, doing what they do every single day by making a difference. So you are probably wondering where am I going with this? Well I actually think my life is amazing it’s busy yes but I am creating change in my own life for my future and following my journey. My powerful secret is positive mindset, which drives me every single day to take action to do the things I have always dreamt about.

People could look at their own life in a different light that they are busy, with no time for themselves and generally life sucks. Which one would you rather be? I know I would choose to be with the positive mindset any day. Every single thing you do, create started with just one thought and one dream.

So when you don’t believe you can achieve something you probably wont do it as you let negative self-talk win. Well it really doesn’t have to be this way and you can achieve everything you have dreamt about by choosing to shift this negative self talk so it’s positive self talk instead.

Below I have listed 5 things you can do to start shifting your beliefs and so you can think more positive in your everyday life.

Notice what your thought patterns are doing by listening.

The first step is noticing your thoughts and what they are currently thinking. I know it sounds so easy but awareness is the first key in this journey. As human’s we have thousands of thoughts every single day with lots of these based on negative mindset. These thoughts are made up of conscious and unconscious so some of them you are aware of and some you are not. So I would suggest having a pen and paper with you and write down any negative thoughts you are having over one day. Notice any patterns or similar thoughts that repeat themselves during this day. When I did this exercise I was quite shocked at how many thoughts I wasn’t aware if and I found it extremely powerful.

Your best friend or partner wouldn’t talk to you this way

Often we are much meaner to ourselves than others would be towards us. So when you are in a negative self talk cycle, just stop and ask yourself what would my best friend or partner say to me in this situation? Would she or he talk to me the way I just spoke to myself? I’m guessing 9 times out of 10 the answer is no. So in this moment ask yourself this question to help reframe your thoughts to help you to start thinking positive again.

Focus on something else

As you now have the awareness of what your thoughts are doing, so when a negative thought pops into your head you have a chance to reframe your mind. So for example yesterday I had just woken up and I was thinking about money I then caught myself thinking I didn’t have enough. I quickly caught this thought, as this is so not true as I have this in my life already. Then I changed my thoughts to think about something else instead. So when you next feel this way start focusing on something else or have a sentence to say to yourself to stop this self talk cycle.

Self Care Practice

Build your self-care practice that makes you happy like mediation, yoga, walking or sport. So what does self-care have to do with thoughts? Doing something good for us makes us happy and changes our thoughts for the better. For me I find mediation is my saviour as it’s a good time to calm the mind before going to sleep every night. Mediation has such a powerful effect on your thoughts as it gives your mind a rest but just thinking about nothing for a while. I also know this might not be for everyone so anything that clears your mind and makes you feel happy in the process, Do what works for you, your mind will be clearer and happier for it.

Confront your fears.

Fear will hold you back and sabotage your success so notice when fear is present in your mind. Instead give fear a voice and ask yourself what am I afraid of? What can I do to start moving forward? Break your big fear into small pieces and think without this fear here what do I want to achieve? Don’t judge yourself in this moment and give yourself the kindness to feel what you feel. So by taking fear out of the picture your mind can see the positive outcomes without fear present.

In conclusion changing the way you think takes practice and time but setting the intention to start today you will notice your mind happier because of it. The more practice and time you put into changing your mindset your life will start changing for the better. By following some of the tips from above you can start choosing a different and more positive path for your future. You will feel more empowered and successful by following your dreams.

Quote ~ No one can make you feel inferior without your consent ~ Eleanor Roosevelt