New Movement to Empower Women

It light of International Women’s Day on Sunday 08 March 2015 the theme is this year make it happen. So I wanted to write an article of how can we start a new movement to empower women from all walks of life.

So what is this movement all about and the vision behind this? There is many women in the world that don’t even have the basic facilities like clean running water and facilities for them to travel home safe from work. They are up against domestic violence and don’t have the opportunities the women in the western world have. These women deserve to have the basic facilities and right’s that all women in the western world have. So this puts our life into perspective on how lucky we are.

What can we do to make it happen? To start with donating to the UN women website which I will attach a link below so those women’s above get the basic facilities they deserve. I also want to start a movement so each and everyone that is reading this article can empower women in your life and community. The best thing about been a confidence coach I get to empower other women every single day but this is not enough with me doing this alone, it’s doing this on a global level and this is where I need your help.

You are probably wondering what can I do to start and I don’t know the first thing about what I can do to empower other women? As women we are natural nurturers we have everything inside that we need. So to help get you started I have given some tips below as a guideline. I challenging you to look inside yourself and find what feels right to you.

  • Is there a women friend or someone in your community that needs a friendly non-judgemental person to listen to?
  • Could you volunteer for an event or volunteering your time to a worthy cause
  • If you have a business what could you donate to raise money for women in need
  • You could host a morning tea or lunch for women close to you to celebrate their friendship.

I could keep writing but we would be here all day.

So let’s together to start this empowerment movement and make a difference to women you know starting today. I would love to hear from you below what are you going to do to start this movement?

Quote ~ I don’t want other people to decide who I am. I want to decide that for myself. ~ Emma Watson

My campaign link is below please help me make a difference to women less fortunate that ourselves.