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    Hello, I’m Rebecca and welcome to my website so happy to have you here.
    I’m a personal life coach for business and corporate women.

Body Confidence

Today I want to talk about body confidence and what it means to me. I actually love my body and I have found been in my 30’s to be liberating in this aspect. The uncertainly of my teens and 20’s has melted away. I also know having my husband by my side has also taught […]

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Self Love

Self Love is everywhere lately it’s the new hip word. It’s in magazines and in the media. Just Google the words and so much will come up in the search engine. What is self-love exactly? What does this question mean to me? Self-love is looking after yourself and doing things daily, weekly and monthly that […]

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Imperfections are not inadequacies they are reminders that we’re all in this together ~ Brene Brown

Embracing Imperfection

Today I am going to talk about what it’s like as a recovering perfectionist and how I learnt to embrace imperfection. I will admit I am still recovering from perfectionism and it’s something I still have to be aware of. It’s not something you wake up one day and it’s gone. If it’s been with […]

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