Relationship with self – 3 ways to improve this today

Welcome to the second week where we discover our relationship with self and explore how do you really feel about you? I know this is a very big subject so I am going to share 3 main aspects you can use to improve your relationship with you starting today.

Before we get started on these I wanted to dive in and really look at how our relationship is with us. As women we are often seen as the caregivers we look after our partner/husband, our family and our friends. We nurture and care for others which is an amazing gift we give every single day but often we put ourselves last. If we aren’t looking after ourselves what happens to us? We can feel tired, fed up, have negative thoughts and generally start to resent other’s around us. This is because we get no time to do the things we want to do and to fill up our own love bucket.

Let me explain what I mean by love bucket, I want you to imagine you have this bucket and you constantly giving things to others but you aren’t giving yourself the space and things you need for you. This bucket gets depleted, starts to look empty and you just feel exhausted. Instead you can choose to fill up your bucket up with things you love for example some space just for you to relax, going for that walk you promised yourself or choosing to take your family on an adventure that you choose. It’s doing whatever lights you up and feeds your soul. So by constantly filling your bucket with self care and things that make you happy you are working on your relationship with yourself. This is the first thing I recommend to my coaching clients as this is taking your power back and putting yourself first.

So we are going to explore below the 3 main aspects you can start working on today to build trust, acceptance and been positive with your relationship with the most important person in your life you!

  • Choosing positive self talk over negative self talk

We all have negative self-talk going on at times during our lives and that’s completely normal thing about been human but when it is taking over that is when we need to start to make changes. So when this negative self-talk is sabotaging you and saying you aren’t tall enough, pretty enough or worthy enough these thoughts are choosing a bad relationship with yourself. We always have a choice so when you don’t believe you can achieve something you probably wont do it as you let negative self-talk win. Well it really doesn’t have to be this way and you can achieve everything you have dreamt about by choosing to shift this negative self-talk so it’s positive self talk instead.

  • Choosing self acceptance

Do you currently accept yourself just the way that you are? Acceptance comes in many shapes and forms with how you feel about your body, how confident you feel with new people or when someone gives you feedback that makes you feel uncomfortable. I want you to grab a pen and write down what does self acceptance mean to you? List 5 or so points that are the most important to you. This is the start to looking at where you want to be in your self-acceptance journey to start been more kind and accepting of you just the way you are. When you are living in your own power you give yourself permission to show up today to be your unique self. This feeling is a deeper knowing that actually I’m ok with who I am and this feeling of deep knowing is the most amazing feeling ever.

  • Meditate and exercise

When I included mediation into my journey it changed everything about my life. I felt more at peace with my thoughts and it improved my relationship with me straight away. It allowed me to have the space to clear my head and feel what I needed to feel every single day with no judgement. Also having exercise routine in your life as it improves the mind/body connection as well as your fitness. By taking that walk, going to the gym or doing that yoga class you are taking that time for you. This will instantly improve the quality of your life. And you will feel happier as well.

Well I hope you enjoyed exploring with me the journey of your relationship with yourself and how you can start today to improve the quality of your life. I look forward to sharing in next weeks post about our relationships with your partner or future partner.

Quote ~ Who looks outside, dreams who looks inside, awakes ~ Carl Gustav Jung