Self Love

Self Love is everywhere lately it’s the new hip word. It’s in magazines and in the media. Just Google the words and so much will come up in the search engine. What is self-love exactly? What does this question mean to me?

Self-love is looking after yourself and doing things daily, weekly and monthly that makes you happy. It’s putting you first and doing something you love. It can be a form of self-care for example going for a massage, a run in the park and going to a yoga class. The foods you feed your body for example that yummy green smoothie Or it could be as simple as making sure you laugh and smile everyday.

Self Esteem and self love are very close neighbours. The more you believe in yourself and raise your self esteem. The more you do things for yourself. It’s such a positive thing which we all need to be aware of.

Lets get out of the busiest of life even just for 5 minutes today. What are you going to do today just for you?

We should be grateful for each day so why not do something today that makes you happy. Practice at least one self love act for yourself today.