Shifting Your Mindset

Today’s blog post is all about shifting your mindset in your life and business. Too many of us get caught up with what is going on around you in our business, career, family and friends. We are “busy” and there is always something going on but do you feel like you ever get off the hamster wheel? You are probably wondering what does lack of time and busyness have to do with mindset, which takes me to my first point.

Why do we seek answers from others?

I’m starting with this point because if we don’t address it first the rest of the mindset points are useless. The truth is most of us including myself are often outside of ourselves which means that we are influenced by what other’s think and do. Have a think when you go on social media scrolling through everyone’s posts or posting something to hope you get lots of likes. Or do you ask everyone’s opinion to seek an answer to your question? I was doing this all the time prior to my life coach training until it was brought to my attention.

These are just a couple of examples of a long list of many but I can’t spend all day at the first point. Often the reason we are seeking answers because we are scared to go within or we have picked up conditioning from people close to us when we were young. It’s learning to change this which a life coach can help you with by the way.

In order for us to start working and mastering our mindset the very first step is the connection we have with ourselves. Shit if we don’t love and respect ourselves how can we expect others to. I want you to spend sometime in a quiet place taking deep breaths and connecting with your breathe. Just feel it in your chest and don’t judge any thoughts that come up because they always come up. This my friends is the beginning of the connection with yourself which is key to changing your mindset.

What emotions and fears are holding you back?

The next step once we have started to go within is to look at those lovely emotions and fears that are standing in your way. Everything we want achieve is possible in life and business but it’s getting out of the way from ourselves. Easier said than done but shifting these does take dedicated daily work I know because I am still on the journey as most of us are.

Emotions and fears keep us stuck, what would a world without these look like? It would be bliss but that’s no real life J My question is for you what is holding you back? What’s the reason you aren’t taking the next step in your life, business or career? It’s taking the time to look at the reason (a good key is listening to the negative voice, this often uncovers the reasons). My main one that pops up on a regular basis is “am I good enough” of course I am but it’s re programming my brain with daily practices to shift this. Spend some time looking at your blocks, emotions and fears. Come up with your own questions and start discovering. Each step you take starts to become clearer, you will grow (us personal development junkies love this one) and good things will come into your life.

Get clear with what you choose to bring into your life

Now we are charging up the mindset to getting clearer with exactly what we are looking to bring into our lives. If you noticed I highlighted lack in the first paragraph which was for a reason because when we focus on lack we receive more of the same. When we focus on joy we get more joy which is exactly where our desired state is.

Lets get clearer with what you really want in your life, business and career. Over the past couple of weeks I have been writing a lot and getting clear within myself where I am heading, what I desire into my life and letting go of the old. There is a big thing in my life I am choosing to let go off because it isn’t serving me which is making me unhappy. I 100% believe something more in alignment with who I am, using my gifts will step up and replace it, there is no doubt in my mind.

Now it’s your turn, journaling is my favourite way but whichever way you like to let your thoughts out. Write down what you desire into your life, don’t judge your thoughts just let it come onto the journal/screen. Just this exercise alone does change your mindset as you are clear with what you wish to generate into your life.

Believe it

You have done the work it’s now to believe and trust it will happen no questions asked. This is where most of us trip up because we think it needs to look a certain way, it’s taking too long or our thoughts start to sabotage it. It’s all a part of the journey it’s getting back to trusting and believing every single time we fall off the wagon which you will it’s normal.

Changing your mindset back to positive every single time your start moving off in the opposite direction. Or having a go to mantra to say every single day to keep you in a good mindset state.

Thank you for joining me on the journey today to shifting your mindset. I felt very called to write this post because I am going through this myself at the moment. My calling is to help other’s so sharing my insights to my journey I hope it will help you on yours. Good luck. I would absolutely love to hear from you what are you looking to generate into your life?