How to speak more confidently in your business

Today’s post is all about how to speak more confidently in your business. Two weeks ago I shared my public speaking journey and now I want to share some tips with you that I learnt along the way.

Standing up, showing up and speaking up is something that doesn’t come naturally to most of us. It’s something we learn how to do and then we hone our skills until we get to where we want to be with speaking but it does take practice. In business visibility is key because without this nobody will know what your product and service is. The question is what can we do to get more comfortable in front of people?


The first point is the most important of them all and actually without this it’s impossible to succeed with speaking. If you hadn’t guessed it yet of course it’s mindset. In order to get up on stage or speak in front in a video you have to belief you can actually do it. It’s totally ok if in the beginning you are having trouble with believing because it takes time to build this belief and of course plenty of practice. When I decided I was going to be a motivational speaker the first thing I did was to work on my belief system. Working through the blocks, emotions, changing the negative thoughts from past experiences that were holding me back from moving forward.

I want to challenge you to take 10 – 15 minutes with your journal or computer screen to really ask yourself.

What is holding you back around your speaking?

What feeling’s come up when you think about speaking?

Bringing awareness to exactly what it is holding you back and that way you can start moving forward. I used EFT tapping to move through my thoughts and emotions around speaking which worked perfectly for me. Tap into your feelings and find the best medium that suits you to move forward.

Know your message

Once you have got clear with your mindset it’s time to craft your message by starting with what subjects are you going to talk about? Start at the beginning what do you normally blog about, what do your client’s need the most help with and what are their current struggles? Make a list of some potential subjects that’s in alignment with your message and their needs. Once you have clarity it’s time to prepare your video or speaking event.

In the preparation stage when you are creating the actual speech it is exactly the same as writing a piece of copy. There is a headline, introduction, the body of the content including features and benefits your audience will gain then finishing with a conclusion wrapping everything up along with a call to action. By speaking in your audiences language and what they need the most help with they will respond to your message.

Be authentic

When you are in the public eye don’t think everything is going to go perfectly because it won’t. You might forget your lines, stumble over your words or go off track slightly with what you are talking about. Guess what it’s ok just be real with your audience as they will respond better and empathize with you. Learn to laugh at yourself and make your audience laugh along with you. They aren’t there to watch a robot speak so be yourself and let your personality shine through, it makes your speech different, which is a good thing.

I do want to mention body language to as building rapport with your audience it’s key to make them feel welcome. This could be a brand new blog on it’s own which means I am only going to write a few lines about this. Body language is important to being authentic such as making eye contact with different people, smile, move around (if you are in person) and hold space. Next time you speak be yourself and let your quirks shine.


Remember when you were a kid and your parents used to say practice makes perfect? It’s like anything in business at the beginning we are learning everything for the first time and then once we have done it a few times it gets easier. In time we become an expert but that’s after plenty of practice and work.

It’s exactly the same with your public speaking or videos it takes practice, it’s just starting the ball rolling. In the beginning start small without putting too much pressure on yourself and build yourself up to your end goal. When I was starting out I did a talk to my friends, then friends of friends in a mentoring circle, then my meetup group and then I started public speaking. It didn’t happen overnight and took me about 4 -5 months to get where I wanted to be. Don’t be afraid to aim high because the more confident you become the easier it will get.

Thank you for joining me today to talk about how to speak more confidently in your business. Speaking will change your business I am living proof of this so give it a go. When you are able to show up, be seen and help a lot of people in one go it’s transforming. It’s just getting over your fear and putting yourself out there the journey will be worth it. I did write a post last year about visibility, which you can find here

Let me know below where are you on your speaking journey?