Stepping into Your Own Power and Being Authentic

Today we are going to talk about stepping into your own power and being authentic. In life sometimes you feel different to everyone else and you don’t fit in like everyone else. When you are in the space of feeling like this it’s not always easy to see the way out and in these moments you sometimes feel yourself craving to blend in. This feeling might only be for a fleeting second, short minute, a couple of hours or maybe little bit longer.

As human’s it’s our normal human nature to have the need to be accepted by our peers, families and friends, as we want to be loved and accepted. There is nothing wrong with having these feelings for a short time but when it starts taking over your life, you start looking to other’s outside yourself to accept yourself. Which is when you need to start looking deeper within yourself instead.

Yes I am being a bit generalised here for it to be open for you to see which section of your life you feel like this. It might be your current family situation, your friends group, your workplace or in your business it could be anything or a mixture of all of them all.

I’ll admit I love being the different one in the room and I never want to be that person that fits into the mould. When I’m authentic and being the real me with my heart on my sleeve that’s totally me. I’m not perfect which makes me real, I make mistakes but I use the experiences to learn from and I get annoyed sometimes but guess what I don’t bottle my feelings up. I stand up and own it because I want to celebrate me for who I am. I didn’t always used to be this way prior to my life coach training but the tools of coaching taught me this which has been invaluable to my growth. Which is why I want to help other’s to step up and own it just the way you are.

Let go of judgement within and from other’s

When I was starting my business I had to write my very first blog and I felt extremely scared. I was sharing my personal thoughts and feelings with the world via Google, which means that it was rather confronting. On the one hand I felt excited about having my new website/blog up but on the other hand I was scared about being judged by others. The lesson I learnt here it wasn’t actually about the other people reading my blog, it’s was my own fear of the judgement from others.

Not everyone in the world is going to love you and resonate with what you offer the world. Which is totally ok by the way because the people that matter will accept you just the way you are. This applies in life, career and business which is all aspects in your life.

Often what we think other people are thinking about us it’s actually not the truth as it’s only our own perception. Using perception as an example lets use this to look within us and at our own self-judgement. We are often our own harsh critics with the way we judge and speak to ourselves, which we would never dream of being the same way to other’s. The key is to start listening to the way that internal dialogue is telling you (or inner voice) what is it really saying? Meditate on your thoughts, EFT tap out your negative thoughts and be aware of any reoccurring thoughts. The first step in owning it by tapping into your inner thoughts and inner knowing.

Be authentic

Let’s dive into what being authentic feels or looks like to you. Everyone will have different ways to tap into their inner knowing and thoughts, which I challenge you to find the best way for yourself. Anyway we are going to discover some options together today to help you stand out and be ok with being authentic.

People really want to get to know the real you and not the person you think they would like to know. For example there are a couple of life coaches I follow online, they are real and authentic it’s amazing. They talk about their achievements, their struggles, they tell it exactly how it is and it’s refreshing to me. I want to hear what they have to say as I can learn much more from them by standing up and being themselves. Yes I really resonate with straight talking people, as I am very much like that myself.

My challenge to you is to step out starting from right now and be open to being yourself. Say it after me I’m ready to step out and be my authentic self every single day (I like to open my arms wide when I say it which adds to the heart opening effect J). Speak your voice, be yourself, smile and laugh with others, don’t be afraid to be you. Have reminders to help you program this into your mind for it to become a habit. Ideas could be sticking affirmations on your vision board, reminders in your phone, daily meditation or write it in your gratitude journal daily. Be comfortable with you, which means that internal thoughts and feeling along with your external body. I could write a whole another blog post to loving your external body but that for another time.

Own your own power

We have looked at our judgement within ourselves and others as well as being authentic in our everyday lives. Now it’s stepping up and owning our own space around you. We are all amazing creatures of the universe, which means that we meant to be out there learning and making a difference in the world. Lets make a pact to really start standing up and owning our own power. We have so much creativity inside us, abilities to help others, and ourselves, which means we can make a mark on the world.

Follow your dreams by starting that hobby your have always wanted to try, start your business, write a blog, travel the world the list can be endless. Just start with one single step today to make this dream a reality, for example ring up and ask about the course you have always wanted to do. I promise you won’t regret it as it will only make your life better.

Thank you for reading my post on stepping into your own power and being authentic. I would like to set a very small challenge for you. What are 5 things you are going to start owning in your life? I would love to hear from you below.