Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Let’s talk about stepping out of your comfort zone, as it’s something that keeps coming up in my own life and people around me which means that it’s time for me to start talking about it.

As a business owner in order for us to succeed there are a few important things we must learn. Number 1 is our mindset (keeping it healthy), Number 2 is the business skills/qualifications we need and Number 3 is not being afraid to put ourselves out there to try new things. Really I’m saying number 3 is all about stepping out of our comfort zone because every single time we step up we are putting ourselves out there and pushing our boundaries.

Let’s define exactly what a comfort zone is, it’s a psychological state where us human beings are comfortable, at ease and familiar, where we are in a relax state. When we move out of this zone we experience uncertainly, fear, stress and maybe anxiety. Yes it sounds all straight forward but it isn’t because every single one of us is going to react differently and how we cope in situations is unique.

Yes I am being a bit generalised above because I want to give you a background to help you understand what’s going on when you take that first step out of the comfort zone. The unknown zone where things aren’t clear, you are not sure how it’s going to turn out and of course our friend fear will be tapping us on the shoulder.

I’m not afraid to face my fears at all and I’m known for this in my accountability coaching group. If I have a fear I find a way I can face it, then I can overcome it and move forward. Yes that sounds simple but it’s incredibly challenging because we all have new fear levels with no clue what’s going to happen next. That’s the journey of life and I for one love this journey as it presents me lots of personal growth. Let’s look at the process to move forward in your comfort zone.

Step 1 – Start doing things differently

A good place to start is to look at somewhere familiar you drive to on a daily basis. Do you pay attention on how you get there or do you just arrive there? Once our subconscious learns new things and repeats them constantly in life like driving our car, we don’t have to think how to do these things because they are in our sub conscious, we just know.

In order for us to test the waters by breaking a normal habit we have to try something brand new. Instead drive to work in a different way or change your morning routine up a little bit. Yes these are only small little things but they are a good place to start testing the waters especially if you are a routine sort of person. This is just the tip of the iceberg to move out of your zone.

Step 2 – Choose to change

Now we have taken some baby steps outside of our comfort zone it’s time step it up another notch. Is there something in your life you currently want to change? If you answered yes which I’m sure most of us did, read on as we can start the change phase together.

Once we have awareness, the right mindset (ie positive) and we make a choice we want to change we will. If you want something strong enough you will move over mountains to get to where you want to be. The first step is taking the very first baby step to move towards your goal. Schedule in your goals into your calendar and start working towards your goal each week.

Step 3 – Accepting being uncomfortable

Being outside the comfort zone is 100% going to be uncomfortable I can guarantee this. Instead of looking for something to distract us from feeling this way, we have to face the feelings that come up in this moment. Yes sometimes you want to run and hide from how you feel I 100% get this because I feel like this too. The most valuable thing about this zone is the personal growth and what you learn about yourself. Sit with the feelings, learn about your inner strength, meditate and talk to someone on how you feel because it makes this transition easier.

Step 4 – Celebrating your success

The clouds are clearing, you are starting to be comfortable again and you are wondering what happened? Welcome to the other side of the grey area you are back into the comfort zone again. You have gone through the cycle, you have learnt lots of things about yourself and hopefully you have reached the goal you set at the start. Instead of thinking what next, celebrate your goal and give yourself a big pat on the back. You did it 🙂 you can stay comfortable until next time.

Thank you for joining me today on stepping out of your comfort zone and I would love to hear what goal are you working towards in your life currently?