Steps to Achieving your Goals to Create more Success

It’s the new year and it’s time to get serious about your goals. Let’s explore your mindset around steps to achieving your goals to create more success. Let’s raise our glass to making this year the most successful year in your life and business.

Everywhere online at the moment is all about setting your goals, starting afresh in the New Year and everyone is saying everything will be different this year. Well it can certainly be different but if you decide to repeat the patterns from last year, guess what everything will turn out very similar. I’m going to let you in on a secret which I help my clients with and that’s changing your mindset. You are probably wondering what does mindset have to do with goal setting? You would be surprised to know it’s the number one reason why you don’t achieve your goals which means it’s your biggest saboteur.

We are going to together change to way you approach your goals and have a look at them with fresh eyes. Let’s get started.

Fears and beliefs

Yes it’s discovering again your fears and belief’s as these are two biggest saboteurs that keep you playing small in your life. I’m going to ask you a few questions below and I want you to have your biggest goal you want to achieve in your mind. Sit with this one goal right now and tap into how it’s making you feel. Are you excited, nervous, scared, ready and let’s be honest you will be a mixture of many of these feelings. Knowing you have awareness around how you truly feel about this goal we are now going to discover what your mind really thinks. Start by answering the below questions?

  • What do I really feel about my goal?
  • What if I couldn’t fail what would this look like to me?
  • What fears and belief’s do I have around this goal that’s stopping me?
  • What else is holding me back?

Ask yourself any other questions that come up for you and answer them honestly. Don’t worry it’s for your eyes only, really get honest with yourself.

What to do when the saboteur hits

It’s normal in life to go through peaks when you are on top of the world and times when you are going through low points. This will be exactly the same with your goals; sometimes you will be driven with lots of action and other times you will struggle for motivation. It’s finding a go to when you are struggling to get back on track quickly with your goals.

My go to is EFT (tapping) it’s incredibility effective in smashing your negative self talk and getting yourself back into action as quickly as possible. The one great thing it can be done anywhere, it’s free and you can say what you want while tapping. If you would like to find out more about it visit as they have many free resources you can try.

If EFT tapping isn’t you that ok, look into to something that more in alignment with you. Maybe try meditation, yoga, fitness, listening to podcasts or affirmations. Find what works for you and have this in your bag of tricks when you need to get back on track fast.

Vision Board and having daily goal reminders

To really get yourself on track and putting your goals out into the universe you need to be constantly reminding yourself of your goals. By visualising your goals daily you are sending a strong message about what you want to achieve this year and it’s much more likely to happen providing you continue taking the action required.

There are two things I would suggest to try to really manifest your goals into your life. First one is create a vision board either on a piece of card or a board. Choose pictures that you want to represent this year and have different sections for each area in your life. For example relationships, business, self-care and money just get creative with it. If you are more of an online person there is many websites you can create an online vision board on.

Meditate on your goals by clearing your mind everything will seem clearer on your goal path. Picture you goal in your mind and act like it’s already happened to you. What do you feel about your goal in this moment and who’s with you celebrating? It’s lots of fun trust me give it a try and there is plenty of meditation options you can pick up for free on you tube.

Achievable steps

Let’s now break this big goal down into easy achievable steps so it’s easier to take action on. During this week I want you to think of one step you can take to start making this goal happen.

  • What’s one thing you can do this week to start working towards your goal?
  • The following week. What the next step this week to move me closer to my goal?

Schedule time into your calendar to make this happen as only action will get you towards your dream life.

I have absolutely loved writing about steps to achieving your goals to create more success, as it’s just made me more excited about my own goals. I hope this has inspired you to really reach for the stars, work towards your dreams and make 2016 this best year ever. I 100% believe in you and I would love to hear in the comments below what’s you big goal this year?


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