Why is Your Story Important For Your Business?

Everyone loves a good story as it makes us want to hear about someone’s journey. So why is your story important for your business? I know you are probably thinking what does story telling have to do with business? Well if you think about it business is all about building relationships and connection with your audience. Its looking at what sets you apart from your competitors and yes that’s right it’s your stories that paint the picture of your business. You are unique, your journey is yours alone and this is something nobody can every take away from you.

Think about technology, its everywhere right now it is information overload online and with more new businesses opening their doors every single day. More than ever as consumers we have more choices which means that we want to stand out from the crowd as business owners. It essential to be unique and different that way the audience notices you. Can you now see how critical your story is and how this sets you apart from everyone else? Let’s move into the first steps to start sharing your story.

Yes it takes confidence

First of all I’m going to be really honest here because this is where most of us get stuck, which is with the confidence. Our stories and journey can be increbility personal and yes it’s helped us get to where we are today. It’s all about our struggles, our celebrations and our inner strength to name just a few things.

Do you think I would be writing about this and having my own business if I didn’t fight my negative voice, step outside of my comfort zone on many occasions and learn to love who I am? Of course not it’s part of my personal journey and it’s my stories that I share that help people like you reading this blog right now. Yes sometimes it can be incredibly personal and confronting to share things online but I know by flexing your confidence muscles you can make a real difference.

Which means that I want to you to see by taking that first step and saying I am confident to start sharing with my audience. Start off small if you are nervous and build on this as you go. I’m also talking about all platforms in your business including blogs videos, your copy and social media. Your story needs your voice, which means that it is time for the world to hear it.

How can you connect with your true story?

I have spoken about similar things in past blogs which are the same principles here too. To share your story it starts first with the connection with yourself because this is tapping into your inner knowing. Once you dive into who you truly are and what got you to where you are currently are at, this will help with clarity around your stories.

Everyone that has followed me for a while knows I love journaling and I use this as my main technique for connection with myself. As a writer this is where I can explore my thoughts, see how far I have come and discover my journey. You don’t have to be a writer to use this technique as its incredibility powerful for everyone.

Basically any medium (meditation or working with a coach is another couple of valuable tools) which helps you connect with yourself by helping you start developing your story. Seeing how far you have come in your journey along with inspiring you to start sharing this in your business.

What stories set you apart?

Now you have gone through the discovery phase it’s now having a look at what storytelling you can include in your business? Think about clever marketing people or business owners that are really successful. When you land on their website you read about what they did to get to this point, their struggles that they encountered along the way and how they turned their life around. This story builds credibility and shows the consumer why they are the best person to work with.

I’m going to use Tony Robbins as an example as most people know whom he is. He didn’t have an easy upbringing with his Mum very dependant on him. When he shares his story he says he wouldn’t be the person he is without the difficult upbringing he had. It’s made him the person he is today and that’s part of his story. This true-life experience engages his audience, which means that they can see it’s possible for them too. See how powerful this is? Yes you can do this as well which sharing your own personal story with your audience.

Thank you for joining me today to share why is your story important for your business. I want you to think of one story they you can share with your audience this week? Please share with me in the comments below.