Surviving my First Year in Business

I’m going to take you on my journey through the ups and downs of surviving my first year in business. I am just about to complete my first year in business and I want to give you a real life peek into exactly what I have faced this year. If anyone tells you starting and beginning a new business is easy I guarantee they are sugar coating or they have simply forgotten what it’s really like in the beginning. This would have being the most challenging and incredible growth year since I was born which means that I wouldn’t trade this journey for anything. I learnt how strong I am which takes me to my first point, which is inner strength.

Finding an inner strength I never realised I had

When you start a business as a sole trader, which I am it’s just you standing there alone. You wear so many hats; you are the CEO, content writer, marketer, and administration and sales person. While acting in all these positions you are learning everything for the first time. It takes all your inner strength to be all of these roles while still going daily to your full time while building your business.

Some days I just wanted to throw my hands up in the air and say enough, it’s too hard or I’m just tired, as I want to be out having fun instead. When fear creeps up on you and that negative voice lets doubt creep into your mind why you are doing this. All these sayings are just excuses directing you away from where you need to be because things will get tough. That’s when you need to reach inside and pull out every last bit of inner strength you have left to give it everything you have. If you want to be successful it’s sacrifices you just have to make in the beginning. I can say in my experience by looking inwards within myself, trusting and believing I can do this that how I survived up until now.

Being Visible

I am a bit of an introvert so hiding behind the computer or working with small groups is more my cup of tea. All of a sudden I had my own business which the only way to get known is to step up and be visible. This is online with blogging on my website, blogging on guest posts, my website content, videos and sharing content in groups. In person it’s stepping out by going to networking events and in person meet ups where you don’t know a single person. Let me tell you it’s down right scary especially for someone that usually hides from the direct spot light.

This is when the inner strength comes up again and stepping out of your comfort zone ever single time you put yourself out there to move forward. For me personally facing my fears every single day by being scared but doing it anyway. This was my motto for 2015 and looking back I have loved every single moment of it. I still don’t find it easy at times but as they say in life, practice makes perfect the more I put myself out there the easier it gets. Also by doing this I have been able to meet the most amazing people which leads me to my next section.

Making amazing people connections

This year I have had the honour of meeting some absolutely amazing people in the business world online and in person. By putting myself out there and along with investing in myself with a group marketing coaching program I have managed to be able to make some amazing connections. Some of these people I have met briefly around a networking table or chatted to online. Other’s I have built lasting friendships with and having these people in my life has made such a difference to me and will continue to do so in the future.

All these people I am grateful for, as I have learnt something from all of them. I wouldn’t of made it out the other side without the help of other’s and giving me encouragement when I thought I was going to run for the hills when stuff got too hard. I’m looking forward to expanding my network of people I know in the business world in my second year.

Let’s talk money

Oh money where do I start, I am used to getting my weekly pay packet from my full time employer. All of a sudden I am out to earn my own money in my business and guess what it’s a massive challenge. Let’s be honest I had money blocks but I didn’t realise how deep these actually were until this year. I have had to reach out and learn to let go of all these belief’s around money.

I’ll be honest I made a loss in my first year as this year became more about personal growth because in order for me to build a healthy foundation. Which I needed to let go of so much old stuff but lucky for me, I have kissed a lot of this goodbye. I have set my new money earning goals for the new year and guess what I’m not afraid anymore. This first year has taught me so much including many money lessons.

Thank you for reading about surviving my first year in business. While this post is a bit different to what I normally blog about I feel it’s important to share my journey with other’s especially as you might be or have being in the past in a similar situation to me. I’m really looking forward to my second year in business and the amazing journey (or roller coaster some many call it 🙂 ) will bring me.