We all want to feel accepted

We are all human and we all want to feel accepted, loved and that we fit in. This is completely normal part of been a human being. Don’t we all want feel loved and accepted? I know I definitely do. It’s when you look outside of yourself to find happiness or needing compliments from others to feel validated this is where you are giving your personal power away.

As small children we seek validation from our parents. As we are learning how to do everything for the first time. We need positive reinforcement to know we are doing things right. Often as adults we bring this conditioning with us we just we don’t realise this. I’m a life coach so I only look towards the future but patterns of the past will often show up along the journey.

During my coaching course I learnt about keeping your love bucket full. Once you have filled up your own bucket then you can be of service to others. Let me explain. Picture you have a bucket and it can be any colour you want. I like to think of mine is pink as it is a love bucket. In this bucket it has all the things you need to feel good about yourself and having strong self-esteem. It could be your daily practices that you do every morning or evening (like yoga or journaling). It could be your trip to the gym or the walk in the park you look forward to after working everyday. It could be what sort of food you choose to you put in your body. It’s going to be different for everyone as we are all unique.

Take the time to think about what are you going to add to your bucket right now? By doing things for yourself that you love you are filling your love bucket up and you feel happier in yourself. This is the first thing I recommend to my coaching clients as this is taking your power back and putting yourself first.

When you choose your own self worth you will be bring success to your life and shine confidence in everything you do. When you seek external validation from others you give your power away and don’t follow your own unique path.

I would love to hear of some things you are adding to your love bucket today?


“When you are your own best friend, you don’t endlessly seek out relationships, friendships, and validation from the wrong sources because you realise that the only approval and validation you need is your own.” Mandy Hale