What does money and self worth have in common?

It’s time to dive and have a look at what does money and self worth have in common?  Us women often base our value on how much money we earn, if we got our latest pay rise and what we are charging in our business. When we don’t receive these things we often feel unworthy inside or we give away stuff for free. This lack mentality definitely affects our relationship we have with ourselves and the more we focus on lack the more we receive of the same. So we want to be focusing on positive and creating space to welcome new money into our lives.

So I’m going to explore a few different scenarios that you may be currently facing or have faced in the past. Then we are then going to explore the relationship between this with our self-esteem and positive ways to start making changes today. The below questions could be your where you are at one point in time or where you are actually right now.

What do you do when you look at your bank balance and feel fear inside because there just isn’t enough?

What do you do when you see your credit card maxed out again and your bills pilling up (maybe you are afraid to even open the bills)?

What do you do when you get anxiety when you have to spend money that wasn’t in your weekly plan?

Let me tell you aren’t alone with these feelings, fears and negative self-talk.

Feelings like this have a massive impact on your self-esteem, self worth and how you feel inside. Well I’m here today to say it doesn’t have to be this way, as I have been through some of these myself and I am improving my money relationship every single day. By doing these exercises my self-esteem has increased and am feeling more confident within myself.

So let’s look at a few action steps you can start doing today so you can start to move in the direction of loving yourself and loving your money.

1) Looking into the past and releasing your old story.

Let’s look into your past maybe it’s as far back as your childhood or the past where you have learnt your belief’s from. Beliefs are things that you have learnt consciously or unconsciously that you are still holding on to from the past. So think about your money story right now and what would you like to feel instead with your money self esteem? So sit quietly with computer or notebook and ask what you would like your money and self esteem to look like? Sit in this moment and ask yourself a few questions. I should be, I need to be and I must do. These are belief sentences so see what comes up. Then reframe and change these to I am (only positive example I am abundant, I am worthy etc). Take the time to sit with these feelings and thoughts.

2) Acceptance exactly where you are right now.

It’s your journey so how you feel will be different to everyone else. So do you really accept yourself and your journey exactly just the way it is in this moment? By choosing to not practice self-acceptance you are taking the opportunity away to feel loved. Stop thinking if I were good enough I would do this or that because we can do this now. Let’s instead lets say to ourselves we are good enough to be able to achieve or ask for anything, this actually applies to all areas of your life. When you are living in your own power you give yourself permission to show up today to be your unique self. This feeling is a deeper knowing that actually I’m ok with who I am and this feeling of deep knowing is the most amazing feeling ever.

3) How to change that negative self-talk to think positively now.

Lets explore what you are really thinking right now and what thoughts are running through your head every single day. Just notice what your thought patterns are doing just by listening to what your self-talk is saying. Some of this talk will be negative and some will be positive. I know with me in the past my talk would say to me you can’t do this new course or go out for that really nice dinner until you have a certain amount in my bank account. I know it’s silly but that’s what my talk was saying to me in the past. So when I have days like this I spend a day writing my thoughts down. I carry a notebook or you could type into your mobile any negative thoughts that come up. Notice any patterns that come up during the day as this the way to be aware of the thoughts.

4) Talk to a coach, friend or meditation

When you just feel stuck with your thoughts and money patterns this is often when our negative voice is at it’s loudest. So I challenge you to reach out to someone in this moment. Speak to your partner, family member or one of your friends. Of course been a coach I would always recommend speaking to a coach as I found this very valuable to me. Another way at finding peace is meditating on your thoughts and eft tapping is fantastic in these moments too.

5) Be kind to yourself and fall in love with money

Be kind to yourself and acceptance is very close together but I feel it’s the best point to finish the article on. When you love your money you bring abundance to your life and create more of the same. So I want to encourage you to come up with your own way that resonates with you. I find having an affirmation stuck on my desk or notes on my computer helps me reframe my mind when I need to remind myself.

If you practice the above you can start to build a healthier relationship with yourself and money. I hope you enjoyed it and I would love to hear from you below about your story and what you can do today to start moving forward?

On a side note if you are heavily in debt please seek assistance from a professional.