Writing Your Blog in Your True Authentic Voice

It’s no secret that your blog is different when you are writing your blog in your true authentic voice, your audience will stand up and take notice. Our blog is an incredibility important medium for our marketing, giving our audience an opportunity to get to know us and to share our journey with our readers. Last fortnight I shared 5 tips to improve your blog and now we are taking it to the next level. Today I’m digging deeper into one of these tips because I feel this is the most important step of them all, which is to write your blog in your true voice (or writing from your heart).

Honestly the readers and your audience they come to your blog to learn from you, to gain knowledge and to find out the things that they can implement into their own lives. They are searching for solutions to their problems by looking to take their lives or business to the next level. All of our businesses are different, while people are coming to my blog to learn about writing and personal development, they could be coming to yours to learn about mindset tips as an example. You have something unique to offer and share which means that they are looking to discover this for themselves.

You are probably wondering what am I getting at? Something I have been learning very deeply on my own path recently, which has transformed in my own writing and how I look at my business through a different lens. When I write for example this blog I’m speaking directly from my own experience, what my journey has taught me personally and the experience from coaching others. This writing is coming straight from within, with authenticity and I’m speaking my truth with you in this moment. Honestly it’s really cool because there is no filter on this lens this is me keeping it real with you right now.

Let’s get into the tips you can use to put more of the truth into your blog every time your blog. Trust me your reader’s and audience will notice the difference when you implement these strategies into your blog.

Throw away comparitis

The first step is something we all go through whether it’s in our writing, in our business or in our lives. We are a competitive bunch and we like to have a look at what our competitors are doing, writing and selling. There is nothing wrong with this because we have to know what they are writing about but I want to stop you here.

Your blog, your business message and the way your create things are your personal way directly created for your audience. Your uniqueness is a gift and this gift you can give to others to help them. If you copycat, get influenced by other’s and use their subjects in the same sort of way it’s not you speaking your true voice to your audience, it’s someone else’s. I encourage you to be aware when you are looking outside of yourself for blogging ideas and sentences, instead bring awareness to that moment by stopping. Instead connect with the message you are choosing to convey to your audience and go with your heart or for some people their gut.

What will people think about my blog?

We looked at comparing ourselves to other’s it’s now to look at our own judgement. When we start blogging on a deeper level this brings up all sorts of fears and belief’s it just does, as we are all human. As we are sharing more of ourselves with our readers this is going to make us feel more judgement, fear and our ego has us second-guessing. Blogging is incredibility public, which means that people will read it and there is a chance of being judged.

Working as a life coach I have seen first hand we are our own biggest critics and we wouldn’t judge our best friend the way we judge ourselves. I would say 9 times out of 10 its no way we would do this to our friend. My question for you, why do we do this to ourselves? Instead let’s get brave and speak your truth in your next blog. Is there a story you have wanted to tell your audience about but have been too scared to do so? Is there something you learnt about that would be incredibility powerful to help your readers? I challenge you to blog about this subject because it’s amazingly freeing when you do, if not for yourself and your audience will get to know you on a deeper level.

Be brave

Now you have hopefully got brave and decided you are going to blog about a certain subject for your audience. It’s all about being courageous, leading with bravery and blog it out. Your story, your experiences are waiting to be spoken about and it’s taking your key to unlock these subjects. Think of the difference you can make to your audience and customers because I’m sure a lot of them will relate to your story.

Thank you for joining me and getting courageous with writing your blog in your true authentic voice. I would love to know what are you going to write about for your next blog?